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NASA Releases Scary Black Hole Sonifications ‘With A Remix’

(CTN News) - NASA has ended Black hole week with a sonification, which is audio created by translating astronomical data. According to the agency,...

NASA Launches World’s Most Powerful Telescope into Space

In a landmark launch this weekend, the world's most powerful space telescope launched into orbit, headed to an outpost 1.5 million kilometres from Earth,...

Is Lil Uzi Vert Really Going to Own a Planet?

Subsequent to getting a costly pink jewel embedded in his temple, Lil Uzi Vert has his sights set on his next silly buy.planet This previous...

Watch The July Full ‘Buck’ Moon illuminate The Sky Tonight

Lunar lovers, get a comfortable spot outside and set your sights toward the southeast to look at July's full moon, named the "buck" moon,...

NASA Astronauts Make History Completing First All-Women Spacewalk

Ms Koch had already carried out four spacewalks but it was the first such mission for Ms Meir, who became the 15th woman to walk in space, Nasa said.

Researchers Funded by NASA Seek Ways to Improve Dams on Mekong River

- CHIANG RAI - Researchers backed by multi-million-dollar grants from NASA are heading to Southeast Asia's Mekong River region to find ways to improve dams...

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