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Canada Seizes Russian Antonov An-124-100 Aircraft



Canada Seizes Russian Antonov An-124-100

Canada has officially seized an Antonov An-124-100 aircraft and plans to sell it and give the money to Ukraine. The move was preceded by a legal prelude according to Airways Magazine.

In March 2022, just a few weeks after Russia launched an attack on Ukraine, a Ukrainian court ordered the confiscation of all Volga-Dnepr Group Antonov An-124s for evidence preservation and “further compensation.”

Antonov, a Russian aircraft manufacturer, had also filed a case against the Russian freight carrier. Rosaviatsiya, the Russian aviation authority, had unlawfully granted a subsidiary of the group the right to issue airworthiness certificates for An-124s, it argued, adding that the aviation authority had “jeopardised the safe operation of the aircraft, which is a blatant violation of international conventions.”

Despite the verdict, Volga-Dnepr is not concerned about seven Antonov An-124s that are based in Russia and are so immune from legal action.

Six of them go within Russia, but they have also visited Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, and the United Arab Emirates. According to Stephen Eiselin of, one has been sitting at Ulyanovsk for some time.

However, three other An-124s from the freight carrier – RA-82043, RA-82045, and RA-82046 – are parked at Leipzig/Halle Airport (LEJ). There was a Volga-Dnepr hub there. They are unable to depart Germany due to airspace close to Russian aircraft.

Canada Seizes Russian Antonov An-124-100

There are two An-124s flying around the world, one of which is in Toronto, Canada. At the outset of the war, a Volga-Dnepr An-124-100 landed at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) and has been there ever since.

However, it retained the Russian cargo airline’s possession.

Volga-Dnepr was unable to pick up the plane since the airspace was closed to it and it would first have to pay the parking fines, which have subsequently amounted to approximately $500,000 Canadian.

Prior to the actual confiscation of the vessel, the Canadian government made it apparent that it intended to send over the XL freighter RA-82078 to Ukraine. It cited new Canadian restrictions against Volga-Dnepr because the cargo carrier backs the Russian government.

The An-124 will not be flying to Ukraine anytime soon because the conflict is still underway. The Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the asset would be managed “in accordance with federal law.”

If the asset eventually falls into the hands of the Ukrainian government, it has stated that it will try to “redistribute this asset to compensate victims of human rights violations, restore international peace and security, or rebuild Ukraine.”

Canada Seizes Russian Antonov An-124-100

The Antonov An-124-100 is a strategic airlift freight aircraft designed by Ukraine’s Antonov design bureau. It is one of the world’s largest airplanes and has been in service since the early 1980s.

Here are some important facts regarding the An-124-100:

1. Dimensions and Capacity: The An-124-100 is roughly 68 metres (223 feet) long and has a wingspan of approximately 73 metres (240 feet). Its maximum takeoff weight is estimated to be around 405,000 kilogrammes (893,000 pounds). The cargo hold is 36.5 metres (120 feet) long, 6.4 metres (21 feet) wide, and 4.4 metres (14 feet) tall. The aircraft’s maximum payload capacity is approximately 150,000 kilogrammes (330,000 pounds).

2. freight Capabilities: The An-124-100 was developed particularly to handle big and heavy freight. It has a rear cargo ramp and door that makes loading and unloading freight simple. Military vehicles, machinery, helicopters, massive components, and humanitarian goods can all be transported by the aircraft.

3. Performance: The An-124-100 is powered by four turbofan engines, typically Ivchenko-Progress D-18T engines with considerable thrust. It has a top speed of roughly 800 km/h (497 mph) and a range of about 5,400 kilometres (3,355 miles). The aircraft can operate from dirt runways and has excellent short takeoff and landing capability.

4. Operational History: The An-124-100 has seen extensive deployment in both military and civilian applications. It has been used for a variety of purposes, including humanitarian aid cargo transport, disaster relief operations, and military logistics support. The plane has also been used to transport huge and heavy machinery for industries such as oil and gas, aerospace, and construction.

5. Successor: Antonov is currently working on the An-124-300, an enhanced variant of the An-124-100. The An-124-300 will have updated avionics, a higher maximum takeoff weight, and modified engines for improved performance.

While the An-124-100 is a significant and iconic aircraft, there have been periods of limited production and availability due to a variety of factors, including economic and political conditions.

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