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Reasons You Should Invest in a Water Filter

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In many parts of the world, drinking tap water is safe and commonplace, but is it really the best option for drinking or even showering water? We think the answer is no. There are many reasons to filter water through a water filter, even if the water that comes out of your tap should be clean enough to drink.

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Source Versus Piping

Even though water coming out of water sanitation facilities is completely safe to drink, in many parts of the world, even very developed areas can still have issues with pipe systems that deliver drinkable water to your faucets. Investing in a water filter for your home ensures that none of the possible contaminants could get into the water from old, rusting pipes or those that are in disrepair.

When you use a water filter, you know that the water has been cleaned directly prior to drinking, with no chance of contamination before reaching your mouth, This is why many people are buying the Big Berkey gravity water filtration system.


Another great reason to use a water filter is that it results in great tasting water. Water treatment facilities use many chemicals in the process of making water drinking safe. The chemicals frequently used in this process include chlorine and other alkaline substances.

While these chemicals are used in small enough quantities that they won’t cause you any harm, they can still give water a peculiar taste that many people do not enjoy.

Additionally, if you live in a more rural area then the groundwater naturally has more minerals, which are usually not entirely filtered out of the water at a water treatment facility. This could give you water an iron-like taste, which is even more noticeable a flavour than chlorine. Use water purification in your home to make sure all your water has a great taste.

Disaster Preparedness

Another extremely convincing reason to start using a water filter at home is in case of a disaster, such as flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes or any other event that could damage and disrupt water purification and delivery systems.

In the event that a water line is damaged and you don’t have access to clean water through your tap any longer, having a water purification means that you can still have access to clean water at home until pipes are fixed or you find another way to buy or access safe drinking water. In case of an emergency, It will make sure you and your family are safe.

Using a Water Filter

Even if your tap water is safe to drink, drinking filtered water is safer. There are many types of water purification that you can choose from to make sure your water is free from contaminants and tastes great. Additionally, your water filter could keep you safe in case of an emergency. So be sure to take a look at different options and get a water purification for your home today.

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