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Oil Blotting Sheet| Usage and Benefits 

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Oil Blotting Sheet

Oil Blotting Sheet: Are you the one who is struggling with excessive oil that popping out from your skin? No matter what imported meeting you were going to attend, you need additional touch-ups again because oily skin is making it worse and worse. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, you have to wipe out your face.

Having oily skin is a big problem you can’t even attend any full hard-working day with your makeup on to look presentable instead you look horrible because oil makes your complexion dark and dull. Meanwhile, you have to wipe out makeup or make additional touch apps now and then as your facial oil is not allowing you to enjoy your day to the full extend.

Many ladies are facing similar problems daily. Some of them are whopping to have open pores glanders that produces excessive oil, while others have combination skin. Still, due to maximum exposure to the sunlight daily, their skin pores are opened and produce oil that makes them look unhygienic.

What’s the catch? How we can affordably and efficiently hamper all these facial oil problems.

Well, there is one solution to all these problems. It’s for those ladies who care about their skin and don’t want to make it look unhealthy, tan, and patchy throughout the day.

You might hear about the Oil bloating sheet that your colleague or friend recommended to you? If you acknowledge it for the first time, I will suggest you try the oil blotting sheet once.

But first, let me explain to you that what precisely the oil blotting sheet is

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What is Oil Blotting Sheet?

The Oil blotting sheets are the paper used to control the excess facial oil during the makeup. These oil blotting sheets are frequently used nowadays by most women who love to do makeup in their daily routine.

The blotting paper is the best-fixed sheet. When you want to fix your oily face quickly, you don’t have to apply an additional foundation layer to cover the patchy and oily skin. You can dab oil blotting paper on your skin and get a shine-free Matt look. The oil absorbent sheet is made of extra absorbent material, which contains rice, cotton, charcoal, green tea, or flax seed ingredients. It is like the oil-absorbing product that is used while makeup on.

How to Use Blotting Paper?

Primarily the blotting paper targets the specific areas where the face produces excessive oil like your cheekbones, near the nose and your forehead. It’s pretty simple to use and comes in a pocket size. You can put it in your pouch or your pocket. Make sure while using the blotting paper you need to tab on your skin instead of wiping or scrubbing; otherwise, it wipes your makeup too instead of absorbing oil.

Benefits of Using Blotting Paper?

Protect your skin; it protects your skin from dirt particles and removes all the excessive oil that produce on your skin. Instead, it gives you the gentle effect that is always much needed to spend the long exhausting day.

Lightened the skin; when the skin produces oil, then ultimately skin looks dull and tanned. The blotting sheet helps absorb the oil and dud particle that makes you look dull and tanned, and it instantly lightens your skin.

No chemicals; it has 100% natural ingredients that leave your skin feeling naturally refreshing and soft. Compared to other makeup setters or sprays, the blotting paper is manufactured with natural ingredients such as green tea leaves, charcoal flax seeds, cotton, or rice.

Any skin, whether you have dry skin, combination skin, or oily skin, will indeed work for you and gives you the feel of refreshment. It is designed to absorb the extra dirt and oil particle from your skin and shrink your pores.

For both men and women, blotting paper is not gender discriminant (kidding). Excessive oil is produced on both men’s and women’s skin, so the blotting paper is helpful for both genders.

Very soft; blotting paper leaves your skin smooth and soft after absorbing all the oil. The natural ingredient gives natural softness also gives you a shine-free look with the rose softness.

Prevent acne; the essential benefit of blotting paper is that it prevents acne as it takes out all the oil from your skin that causes acne. Facial oil is the most common factor that causes acne and makes your skin look unpleasant. Now it’s solved with the use of blotting paper. You can remove the excessive oil from your skin.

100% biodegradable; the second most advantageous benefit is that it has 100% natural ingredients with zero plastic. Makeup setter is also used as the makeup fixer while you are rushing out from your house. Just dap it on your skin, and you are ready to go. Isn’t it great as it also works as the makeup setter? Now you don’t have to buy an extra makeup setter bottle to set your makeup; instead, use portable blotting paper.

Helps lipstick to last longer; if you want to make your lipstick stay for a more extended period and make it look matt, apply one coat of lipstick, then dab it with the blotting sheet. Now apply the second layer and tada! You are going to have long-lasting lipstick.

At last, one caveat for you. to minimize your extra pores gliders, you have to limit the use of makeup. Excessive use of makeup can also cause high oil production on your face. You have to makes a ritual to wash your face right after reaching home and remove your makeup with the best magical Makeup remover cloth.

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All you have to do is wet your makeup remover towel with warm water and wipe your face gently. The more you keep your skin neat and clean, the more chances your skin pores will shrink, and don’t make extra oil.

Final words 

The blotting paper has miraculous benefits, and it is used quite easily. After reading the benefits, you got the idea of why it is getting common in women and why blotting sheets are increasing day by day.


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