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Harmony Montgomery’s Mother Says She Never Gave Up on Finding her



Harmony Montgomery

Missing 7-year-old Harmony Montgomery’s mother made her first public comments at a vigil Saturday night, saying she has “never stopped” seeking answers about her daughter’s disappearance.

In Manchester, New Hampshire, Crystal Sorey told NBC Boston that she has been “begging for any type of answer” since she last talked to her daughter nearly three years ago. Adam Montgomery, Harmony’s father, blocked all contact between Sorey and Harmony after a video call in April 2019, Sorey said.

Harmony Montgomery

Harmony Montgomery

Sorey says she doesn’t feel like she lost her. “I just don’t feel that way in my heart,” he said. “Like a mother knows if her baby’s here or not. I know I have her.”

Harmony was missing after she was reported missing in December. Manchester police said the case is “very concerning” and that it is “being thoroughly investigated.”

Harmony is believed to be alive, and police are searching for her.

Despite being arrested, Harmony’s father and stepmother, Kayla Montgomery, are not being charged with her disappearance.

According to Kayla Montgomery, her husband told her late in 2019 that Harmony was returning to live with her mother. According to Adam Montgomery, Sorey had come to pick up Harmony to live with her.

However, Sorey said she has been searching for her daughter since April 2019, calling nearby schools and the New Hampshire Division of Children, Youth and Families with concern.

“Everyone failed Harmony,” Sorey explained.

Harmony is loved very much, she told NBC Boston.

I want you to know that I am still searching for you, and I will not stop battling until I find you, if you can see and hear me, okay? Please stay strong, and Mommy is here. We love you.”


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