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6 Best Places To Buy TikTok Followers




Followers are the building blocks of a TikTok account. The more TikTok followers you’ve got, the more authority you gain and the more popular you become.

Followers help add value to your content and interact with it consistently. They even become your content advocates.

But you can’t just expect to attract thousands of followers by posting a few videos. Organic growth takes time and requires consistent, small growth.

This is why most people fail to accomplish their target of gaining millions of followers. Social media growth services help with this process for people who want an audience but are busy. These services provide engagement and results for a sum.

Today, we’re going to discuss 6 trusted sites where you can buy high-quality TikTok followers.


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What is Tokupgrade?

Tokupgrade is a fully managed TikTok growth service that helps you grow your audience by a lot and can help you buy TikTok followers. They claim to make TikTok growth easy and increase your profile views through organic engagement.’

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How To Get Started?

So, how can you get started with Tokupgrade? It’s a simple process. First, you’ll have to submit a list of your competitors, target audience and influencers in your niche.

Then, wait while Tokupgrade attracts followers by liking the posts of people who follow your submitted accounts.

Key Features

Now, let’s discuss the key features that Tokupgrade offers to its customers.

Real Followers

Real followers are the most critical part of any growth strategy on social media platforms like TikTok. These followers are hard to attract and ask from you a great deal of commitment.

Most people ignore the true importance of real followers and share the opinion that as long as they have a massive number of followers, they can build their presence.

But this is only partly true. Numbers matter but not more than quality.

Even if you have a comprehensive list of followers, they won’t do you any good if most of them are fake. Unlike the real ones, fake followers pose a great threat to any account.

They never interact with your content, spam your real followers and sometimes misuse your data. Therefore, degrade the overall growth of your account.

Therefore, it’s critical to stay away from services that deal with them. Thanks to the service of Tokupgrade, you’ll only receive real followers from them.

These followers not only increase meaningful interactions on your content but also add value to your growth.

Account Manager

With Tokupgrade you get a dedicated account manager that sees through all the activities for you.

You don’t have to watch tutorials to kick-start the campaign or spend hours finding the right settings for your audience.

The account manager gives you an unfair advantage and superior support that’ll save many hours.

Advanced Targeting

Who doesn’t love extra features? Well, only if they simplify things rather than complicating them. Tokupgrade does exactly that.

It offers you advanced targeting features like location targeting, hashtag targeting and username targeting to help you narrow down your choice of followers.

This is a significant advantage because TikTok hosts audiences for a multitude of niches.

And if you don’t know where to find your audience or who your audience is, you would have a tough time building even a little growth.

With their advanced features you can target specific followers from a location, use relevant hashtags to categorise your audience and leverage usernames to target influencers in your niche.

This way, you can grow with the most relevant audience.

Whitelist & Blacklist

What is a whitelist?

A whitelist is like a safe box. Tokupgrade allows you to import all your existing followers to a whitelist where they’ll be safe from being unfollowed.

What is a blacklist? A blacklist is the opposite of a whitelist. Here, you can list accounts, keywords, hashtags, and languages that you want to avoid engaging with.


Tokupgrade offers two plans on its website.

Regular Plan: $49/month

This plan is for all the beginners who aim to build a solid followers list. You get features like:

  • Moderate growth speed.
  • Fully managed growth service
  • Real targeted Followers
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Advanced targeting
  • Cancel anytime

Pro Plan: $89/month

This plan offers supercharged growth to all power users. You get features like:

  • Maximum growth speed.
  • Managed service with priority support
  • Real targeted followers
  • dedicated account manager
  • Advanced targeting
  • Cancel anytime


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What is Toksocial?

Toksocial is another TikTok growth company that prides itself in providing a bot-free service to its customers and assistance in being able to buy TikTok followers. They use organic techniques to attract followers to your account.

How Can You Get Started?

You can get started by purchasing a plan from their website. An account manager will contact you and ask you to submit a list of accounts similar to the accounts you want to follow you. It will then set up a campaign based on your data to bring followers.

Key Features

Let’s dive in to discuss the key features of Toksocial.

Targeted Growth With Advanced Filters

Loyal fans make TikTok users famous by supporting and interacting with their content. But you can’t expect to find loyal fans by uploading a few posts.

You have to specifically target them among millions. This is because not every TikTok user is going to follow you even if they are interested in your niche.

Say, you’re a graphic designer who loves to create concept art. Now, you can post remarkable videos to attract people to appreciate your hard work but only a handful of people will do that.

And you need to target similar users to build a strong fan base. But it’s no simple task. There’s no magic wand you can wave to find your admirers.

This is where Toksocial is a great help. It offers you advanced filters to narrow down your audience. This way, you can target people who you think will like your content and hence, build a loyal fanbase.

Organic Results

Organic results hold immense value in any social media growth strategy, including TikTok. When you use organic techniques to drive your growth, you ensure the followers you’re attracting will stay loyal and add value to your content by engaging consistently.

Toksocial knows this and uses only organic methods to grow your TikTok account.

Cancel anytime

Every so often, we aren’t happy with a service we invest in. Toksocial cares about its customers and offers the option to cancel their subscription anytime they wish.

If you didn’t get the results as promised or find the service useless, you can trigger this option and cancel anytime.


Toksocial offers two plans.

Regular Plan: $15/week

  • Moderate Growth
  • Smart Targeting
  • Real Targeted results
  • Dedicated Account manager
  • 24-7 Support

Pro Plan: $25/week

  • Maximum Growth
  • Smart Targeting
  • Real Targeted Results
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24-7 Support


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What is UseViral?

UseViral is a social media growth company that offers paid engagement for popular platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitch and more. Naturally, they can help you buy TikTok followers.

How Can You Get Started?

UseViral has a multitude of plans listed on its website. These plans have a range of different prices and growth numbers. You can get started by purchasing the plans, and they’ll deliver engagement to your account.

Key Features

So, what are the key features of UseViral?

High-Quality Followers

The quality of your followers decides the future of your growth. Followers that love your work and interact with your content consistently help attract similar users to follow you.

This is like a chain reaction. Useviral knows this and provides high-quality followers to its customer through its network of users. Therefore, you can relax because Useviral will do the tough part for you.

Instant Growth

“Time is money”. TikTok is where people can become famous overnight. Millions of users hustle daily to attract followers. This is a tireless struggle where users want light-speed growth.

But if you’re slower than your competitors, you might end up losing your share of followers to them.

The positive thing is: the opposite is also true. If you get actual results quickly, you can have an edge over other users. Useviral values your time, and hence, delivers instant engagement to your account.

Safe Service

Unlike many services, Useviral never asks for your password or other sensitive information. You only need your username to get started.

Their website is also secure and offers safe payment gateways to its customers, making it a safe service.


Useviral offers many plans for TikTok followers. I’ve listed the least costly and the most costly one.

100 TikTok Followers: $5.00

  • Real followers
  • Fast delivery
  • Refill guaranteed
  • Quick delivery

25000 TikTok Followers: $399

  • Real followers
  • Fast delivery
  • Refill guaranteed
  • Quick delivery


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What is SidesMedia?

Sidesmedia is a growth booster for your TikTok account and can help you buy TikTok followers. It’s a social media growth service that provides high-quality engagement for several platforms. They claim to increase your brand reach and audience by organic methods.

How Can You Get Started?

SidesMedia works on a sell-buy basis. This means they have several plans for TikTok listed on their website. You just need to purchase the plan(s) based on your requirements and budget to get started.

Key Features

Let’s discuss the key features of SidesMedia.

Real Followers and 10x Growth

SidesMedia boasts an extensive network of followers, web partners and influencers who get paid a share for following you. This means you know the followers you get from them are real users with accounts on TikTok.

These followers not only interact with your content but also share your work with similar accounts. Most people fall into the trap of purchasing fake followers and degrade their growth.

But with SidesMedia, you don’t have to worry about this problem because their users notice a 10x growth in engagement and retention.

100% Safe

Purchasing social media engagement is risky because platforms hate the use of automation for growth. Even if you purchase real followers, you still can get your account banned.

This happens when platforms like TikTok notice abnormal growth for an account. SidesMedia is aware of this and uses only organic methods to deliver the followers.

This way, it helps to grow your account without raising red flags with TikTok.

Priority Growth

Who doesn’t love attention? SidesMedia leverages the concept of attention through its priority growth service. They don’t offer free trails to their customers. This ensures only paid customers get their undivided attention.


SidesMedia has a list of followers packages for TikTok that range between 100 and 25000 followers.

100 Followers: $5.00

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Active and high-quality
  • Delivered in 1-2 days

25000 Followers: $399

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Active and high-quality
  • Delivered in 1-2 days


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What is TokCaptain?

TokCaption is a TikTok growth service that brings you, high-quality followers. They claim to be the number one source for TikTok growth.

How Can You Get Started?

TokCaptain provides paid engagement. This means they have multiple packages for TikTok followers which you can purchase to get started.

Key Features

Now, let’s dive in to discuss the key features of TokCaptain.

Real Fans

Like it or not, you need high-quality fans to make you popular. No matter what service you invest in, the quality of the engagement they provide is the most critical factor to your growth.

Say you invest in a growth service that uses organic techniques to grow your followers. But there’s only a limit to what a service can accomplish. You can’t expect 100 times the growth in a few weeks. But you can certainly increase the rate of your growth by making sure your fans interact with your content.

Real fans help you grow by sharing your content with others. They can recommend it to their friends. This way, fans help increase the rate.

Imagine thousands of real followers liking, commenting, and sharing your content. Tokcaption knows this and does a wonderful job in providing genuine fans to you.

There’s a Guarantee

With TokCaptain, you get a guarantee on your results. They work tirelessly to bring you the most relevant followers. But if you feel you aren’t getting the results as promised, or the service stops working, you can contact them to trigger the guarantee.

Safe Service

TokCaptain offers a safe environment to its customer with its high-level encrypted website and secure payment gateways.

They don’t even ask for your password to deliver their followers.


Tokcaption offers many plans that range over various prices and followers.

100 Followers: $2.99

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Active and high quality
  • Delivered in 1-2 days

5000 Followers: $49.99

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Active and high quality
  • Delivered in 1-2 days


What is SocialViral?

SocialViral is a famous social media growth service that provides paid engagement for various platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and more. They use high standard techniques to execute their operation, which is why hundreds of influencers use their service.

How Can You Get Started?

Getting started with SocialViral is simple. You buy plans from their official website, and they deliver the engagement to your account.

Key Features

So, what are the key features of SocialViral?

Genuine Followers

SocialViral has a secret mantra to make you popular on TikTok. The mantra: They deal with genuine followers. These followers have accounts on TikTok and consistently engage with content.

Therefore, when you get them, they interact with your content by liking, commenting and sharing it with others.

This helps in attracting new followers, increasing your brand authority and building a loyal fan base who stay to support your content in tough times. SocialViral helps you go viral on TikTok.

Immediate Results

SocialViral understands the importance of time and believes in providing immediate results. After you complete the payment, they start right away to deliver the engagement to your account.

Therefore, you don’t have to wait for days to receive the followers you paid for. This is great when you need instant results for a project. Social media marketers rely on SocialViral because of this feature.


Let’s be honest, most growth services charge a premium to provide engagement. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that if the engagement they provide is top-quality. But why pay a premium when you can get the same quality for less?

SocialViral nails the pricing segment by providing one of the most inexpensive services in the market. Even if you’re on a budget, they have got you covered.


Social-viral offers many packages between 50 and 5000 followers.

50 Followers: $2.19

  • High-Quality Followers
  • No Password Required
  • Fast Delivery
  • 24/7 Support

5000 Followers: $99.99

  • High-Quality Followers
  • No Password Required
  • Fast Delivery
  • 24/7 Support


There you have it. These are the 6 best sites to buy TikTok followers. They offer top-class followers, immediate results, a secure website and targeting features to find the most relevant audience for your content. You can’t go wrong with these services.

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