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Top 3 Reasons To Visit Turkey Post The Coronavirus Clampdown

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turkey, tourists, coronavirus

The lockdown or quarantine situation in the world due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has hit the tourism industry hard even in Turkey. People cannot travel even if they wish to. Everyone is inside their home hoping that this pandemic will pass and as we all know, ‘this too shall pass’.

The travel industry is expected to recover slowly according to experts. I have spoken to many people and the indication is that most of them would love to travel as soon as the lockdown ends. One place you should visit once this pandemic ends is Turkey.

It is a fantastic country and the best part about it is the fact that it is a part of Asia as well as Europe. You will be travelling to two continents in your Turkey tours. Tell me where else can you do that!

Apart from traveling in two continents, there is a lot that Turkey has to offer. The country has a rich cultural heritage. The country has been ruled by the Byzantines, the Ottomans and the Romans and their cultural influences are there for all to see along with the Arabian and European cultures.

It is one of the premier tourist destinations in the world due to the many attractions in the country.

Food in Turkey

turkey, tourists, food

Turkish food is a major attraction for many tourists. People have had Turkish food in their countries but they want to taste the real Turkish food and hence many of them visit the country. The Turkey tours is just an added attraction, the main attraction is Turkish food for such people. Real connoisseurs of food come to Turkey to partake the world famous baklava along with other delicacies like shawarma, kofta, kebabs and pilao.

Apart from the tasty delicacies the food lovers really love to drink the amazing Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee is famous the world over and you can enjoy authentic Turkish coffee in the many coffee joints that dot the country. The cafés are a great place to meet people and socialize with them. You can also play games in these coffee shops and build a good rapport with the locals.

The Historic Istanbul

The major attraction in Turkey is the city of Istanbul. It used to be the capital of Turkey and is still the favoured destination when tourists visit the country. You can call it the commercial capital of the country. The city of Istanbul is in both the continents of Asia as well as Europe. Though the city is mostly in Asia, some part of it is in Europe and you can travel both the continents on a ferry.

The major attractions in Istanbul are:

  • Hagia Sofia: It is a museum nowadays but originally it was a Church. This Greek Orthodox Church was transformed into a mosque by the Ottomans. The dome of the Hagia Sofia is the major attraction, though you should not miss viewing the urns and artefacts.
  • Blue Mosque: The Sultan Ahmet Mosque commonly referred to as the Blue Mosque is a must visit and that too in the evening when the blue lights are on. You will be spellbound. The tiles of the blue mosque are, you guessed it, blue in colour (hand painted) and when the light is on in the evenings, it totally astonishes you.
  • Topkapi Palace: If you like to visit places where the kings lived, you should visit this palace. It is where the Sultans used to reside, you can also visit the Royal harem here. The Topkapi palace has also been converted to a museum, so enjoy your visit and make sure you take a look at the arms collections.

Cappadocia fairy chimneys

turkey, tourists, coronavirus, tourism

If you are on Instagram or any other social media website like Facebook or Twitter, you would have come across images of balloons flying high and fairy chimneys below. It would seem like an image from a fairy tale and this image can be found at Cappadocia.

The beauty of nature can be seen from up high in the balloons. There are many natural caves in the area and many of them have been converted to hotels, you can stay in such hotels to enjoy the beauty of the place. The local wine is also worth a sip.

Plan a Trip to Turkey

Planning a tour is not easy; you need to put in a lot of time and effort. Even more you can outsource the tour planning to companies like Memphis Tours. They are expert travel operators who have been doing this from 1955.

You need not worry about the flight tickets, the hotel reservations etc.. Everything will be taken care of by the tour operator. Memphis Tours also provides personalized travel services which you can utilize for the perfect travel itinerary.

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