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Top 9 Places To Plan a Tour in The Middle East



The Middle East is a different world altogether, you can call it a mystery. The location of this region makes it more interesting. It is situated between the western and eastern world’s cultural crossroads. Unfortunately, the region is popping up in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. But the region served as the platform for various civilizations where three great monotheisms of the entire world took birth.

The region is a mix of rich historical pasts and modern cosmopolitan cities that present numerous stunning memorials and world-famous attractions from historic mosques to old bazaars to distant oases to unexplored deserts. The Middle East’s wealth attracts more and more people to its beauty which is why it is well connected to the rest of the world through airways. Major aviation companies such as Kenya Airlines fly their planes to the region. People came here to enjoy the modern Gulf’s revolutionary skyscrapers and never-ending deserts.

Here are the most beautiful and fantastic places in the Middle East:

Here are the most beautiful and fantastic places in the Middle East:

Istanbul, Turkey:

It is situated at the point where Asia and Europe meet each other. It is considered to be the center of the eminent cultural crossroads of the world. The city has a rich history that developed into one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has many places from the fantastic Hagia Sophia minarets to Sultanahmet mosque to fascinating bazaars. The Golden Horn’s serene waters make your day with its beauty.

Jerusalem, Israel:

Jerusalem, considered to be the world’s oldest place attracts many visitors and is considered a huge tourist hotspot. People have been coming to this place for nearly two millennia. It is a holy land that is important for Muslims, Christians and Jews, and European pilgrims who came here for many years. It has lots of shrines and saints that a tourist can visit. The ancient city has lots of old streets and markets that must be on everybody’s bucket list.

Jordan’s Petra:

No one can forget the first impression of Petra. As you enter the great Nabatean lost city through the narrow gorges you will feel as if you are passing through a magical needle eye. And that’s just one of the many stunning temples that can be found atop the rocky plains and hilltops.

Islamic Cairo, Egypt:

Have you ever thought about what life was like in ancient Arabia or why it is called old Cairo as Islamic Cairo? It is the best place to make your imagination run wild. Take a step back to the past amid the fascinating medieval streets and alleys of the old city, which are lined with magnificent gateways, ancient mosques, and bustling bazaars. If you don’t get lost, keep going back until you lose once. That’s half the fun.

Here are the most beautiful and fantastic places in the Middle East:

Cappadocia Turkey:

The elves of Tolkien would probably want to live in Cappadocia if they ever choose to leave Middle Earth. The landscape of the land is a surreal collection of rock pillars, and cones, along with mushrooms, and other geological formations. All this makes up the unique landscape of the region and exudes a certain enchantment. The rocks are honeycombed by troglodyte caves and chapels. And even underground villages, suggesting that there would likely be room for hobbits in there.

Oasis Siwa Egyptian:

Since the great Alexander visited Siwa in 332 BC to consult the local oracle, tourists have been drawn here. Although most today visitors are content enough to explore ruined mud-brick kasbahs of the Siwa, which are the ancient Egyptian tombs’ remains and Greco-Roman religious homes. It is said that the great Macedonian explorer visited to confirm that he was descended from Zeus. With its dusty-green-dense splashes of palms in the never-ending Saharan sands, this vast landscape can entice visitors.

Wadi Rum Jordan:

The legendary Wadi Rum was David Lean’s first choice when he needed a setting that would fit the iconic nature of the movie Lawrence of Arabia, which he directed in 1962. Wadi Rum is like a camel-filled Grand Canyon in the Middle East. It cuts through southern Jordan’s jagged mountains, sheer cliffs in ochre color in some places and fissuring to steep ravines in others.

Top 9 Places To Plan a Tour in The Middle East

Byblos Lebanon:

The ancient Byblos port, encircled by stunning beaches and solid mountains on the shores of the north of Beirut, is where the Mediterranean is entangled with the Middle East. Byblos is among the oldest inhabited cities in the world. Its history is especially thick here, with the Phoenician temple remains competing with a Crusader castle for space. The old medieval center’s Mamluk mosques, Romanesque churches, and shabby ochre houses fall into a harbor that is horseshoe-shaped.

Mada’in Saleh Saudi Arabia:

One of the most remarkable sights in the Middle East is the extraordinary rock tombs of Mada’in Saleh. These least well-known tombs are located in the far, far north of Saudi Arabia. In the Saudi desert, there are 131 of these dark mausoleums that are cut into a series of craggy red sandstone outcrops.

Plan a trip and make holiday memories that will last a lifetime if the surreal beauty and aura of these Middle Eastern destinations have tempted you. If you include most of the tourist destinations listed above in your itinerary, your vacation in the Middle East will only be worthwhile!

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