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Post Covid-19 Travellers Flocking to Private Cabin Cafe in Lalitpur



Private Cabin Cafe in Lalitpur

Have you ever heard of Lalitpur? It is a city in the Kathmandu Valley and is also the home of green tea. This article will be talking about some interesting facts and also what makes this cafe so popular. Lalitpur’s cabin cafe was recently opened in the private cabin which changed their perspective on how they were serving their customers.

The owner stated that since this cafe has been opened, their revenue has increased by 400%. They are now looking to expand that number even more with more customers coming in every day to try out all their delicious treats.

This article will be going over many different things about Private Cabin Cafe In Lalitpur such as why it has been so popular, what it offers its clients, etc.

How Do I Get To Lalitpur?

The best way to get to Lalitpur is by plane. The nearest airport is the Tribhuvan International Airport which is only a 5-minute drive away. If you are unable to go to Tribhuvan International Airport, you can also go to Kathmandu Tribhuvan Airport which is close by. Whatever you choose, just be sure that your flight will land after 4 pm so that you can take public transportation from the airport.

Where Is Lalitpur Cafe Located?

Once you have landed, there is a shuttle ride that will take you to Lalitpur Cafe. The building is located in the middle of the highway and it is quite simple to spot. It is a tall building with only one floor, so just walk around carefully to find out which building it really is. There are also GPS coordinates if using an app for your mobile devices.

Private Cabin Cafe in Lalitpur

What Makes Private Cabin Cafe In Lalitpur So Special?

The owner stated that this cafe has been so popular because it offers some great specialties in food and drinks that other cafes didn’t offer before such as real coffee, grilled cheese sandwiches, and many more. It all started when the owner, Ratna Bahadur Gurung, went on a trip to India where he found inspiration.

One day, he came back and talked to his wife about opening up a cafe in Lalitpur that offered affordable prices and delicious food and drinks. They both agreed that it would be a great idea to start this new business venture and they have been running it since the beginning of July.

Since the owners decided to open up this cafe in Lalitpur with their own money, they both had very different ideas of how they wanted the cafe to run. The husband wanted more of an American style cafeteria where customers would be able to sit for long hours as well as buy items from the menu at their convenience.

Private Cabin Cafe in Lalitpur

Cabin Cafe In Lalitpur Enjoyable for Family and Friends

But the wife, on the other hand, wanted a place where you could only come in and eat something when you had the time to eat it.

She also stated that while they were still trying to figure out their concept, they saw a teenage lady running from one corner to another, grabbing bowls of food and throwing them on her face all at once before running off again for more food. They both saw this as a great idea for a cafe because it was easy for young customers to grab some food quickly.


They decided to go with both of these ideas and now, you can get all of the great food for both young and old customers. It also does not end there, though.

They have a variety of other items such as grilled cheese sandwiches, ice cream, churros, tons of different drinks like tea and sodas, as well as many different desserts like tiramisu and brownies. The owner stated that they are still working on making the interior better but they should be opening up again soon since they got their new license a few days ago.

They are hoping to do at least six to seven hours of business every day in this private cabin. For more information on private cabin cafe’s in India visit:


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