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Exploring the Best Time To Visit Chiang Mai Thailand



Exploring the Best Time To Visit Chiang Mai Thailand

Of all the wonderful places in Asia, Thailand appeals to the deep recess of a tourist’s heart with the humbling smiles of its people, beautiful landscapes, and temperate weather. The Chiang Mai province of Thailand is rich and clad in mountain top temples, ruins, hill tribe villages, waterfalls that make you prolong your stay.

The Thai Highland mountain range surrounds the land of Chiang Mai. The weather here is not the same as in the other parts of Thailand. The northern province of Thailand, Chiang Mai included, has only three seasons: summer, winter, and rainy.

Although you can visit any time of the year, my suggestion is to choose the winter. Winter is probably the most relaxing time of the year to visit Chiang Mai. If you are already planning a trip, I can help you with the best guideline as to when you may visit Chiang Mai.


Located in the lap of a mountain range, Chiang Mai is cooler than Bangkok. The topical climate of Chiang Mai keeps the province mostly warm to hot around the year. It is only during the winter that the place gets cooler.


The temperature in Chiang Mai revolves around 25°C to 40°C during the Hot season that stays from March to June. On the other hand, the temperature drops to 15°C from November to February during the winter.


The heavy rain comes in September, with the monsoon making her stay from July to October. The temperature around this time of the year stays above 30°C, and the average precipitation is around 250 mm.

Travel In The Winter

The humbling people of Thailand and the bedazzling mountainscapes of Chiang Mai will make you want to return again and again; The winter is the best time for your visit to Chiang Mai.

The weather is cooler in the winter; the temperature stays around 25°C by the day, and by night it can go down by 13°C. If you are visiting Doi Inthanon up on the mountain, you will experience a temperature of 3°C.

During the winter, the advantage of your visit is that you do not have to worry about the rain. The sky remains cloud-free, and the weather is pleasant. With low humidity and the clear blue sky, the pleasant weather acts in your favor to give you the best possible traveling experience.

A trip to Chiang Mai in the winter is a great idea. But during this time the crowd is high, so there are chances of accommodation being overpriced. Also, Chiang Mai, in the cold weather, is the hotspot for Thai people to enjoy some moments. So, there are high chances of traffic jams being bothersome.

Winter Festival

The nocturnal beauty is a sight to behold at the hour of the Loy Krathong & Yee Peng Lantern festivals. The festival takes place on the full moon day of the twelfth lunar month of the local Thai calendar. This is the busiest day in Chiang Mai.

Do Not Forget To Pack Your Summer Clothes

Even in the cold season, the temperature can spike up to 30°C during the day in Chiang Mai. Since winter is the time of traveling, the tourism spots may be crowded and even hotter. So, it is best to not leave your summer clothes.

Also, bring your jacket, if you are planning to travel by motorbike. The winter wind can be chilly. To avoid crowds, plan your visits early in the morning.

Places To Visit In Chiang Mai

A trip to Chiang Mai leaves marks in all of your senses. The enthralling natural landscapes, the sacred temples, ruins to its towns, beautiful animals, and the street foods. There is a lot to explore in Chiang Mai. Here are some of the places that you must visit if you are going to Chiang Mai.

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

The sacred mountain top temple of lord buddha is a must-watch in Chiang Mai. The central Shrine of Wat Doi Suthep has a very estimable Buddha seated within. Taking the staircase and hiking the mountain is the best way to reach the temple. If you don’t want the trouble of physical labor, you can rent bikes or take a cab.

The temple gallery is full of Buddha statues sculpted in the Chiang Mai & Sukhothai styles. In addition, the temple contains numerous buddha statues represented in varied styles, and decorations with statues of elephants and different types of dragons are also noticeable.

Explore Doi Pui Village

There is a small Hmong village that is more tourist-oriented than authentic. But this little exhibition of the hill tribes and their history is of great interest for tourism.

Many local shops sell tribal clothes and jewelry. You can get yourself dressed in their local outfits for a memory-making photo session in the Doi Pui village.

You can make your visit to Doi Pui on the same day as your visit to Doi Suthep since Doi Pui is located within a short distance. While visiting Doi Pui, do not forget to have lunch at one of the small local restaurants. In addition, you must try the famous local dish named Khao Soi.

A Stroll Around Doi Inthanon

Doi Inthanon, the highest peak in Thailand, is one of many attractions of Chiang Mai. In addition, the national park of Thailand surrounds Doi Inthanon, adding more to the beauty of the peak with its riches of natural wonder.

You can hire a motorbike or a driver to move around the park for a leisurely trip, or you can hike the mountain or enjoy the view while walking around the park.

There are several other places that you can visit in Chiang Mai. For example, you can visit the ruins of Wat Chedi Luang or go to the Wat Phra Singh temple.


A trip to the wild mountains and sacred temples of Chiang Mai can be a souvenir itself, a souvenir that you take home in your heart. The awe-striking natural beauty, the greenery, the wonderfully sculpted statues, and the temples with glamorous decorations can make you return to Chiang Mai.

Buying some local handicrafts, like jewelry and wood carving decoration items, may add the finishing touch to the memory you created in Chiang Mai.

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