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Koh Samui Welcomes the Second Cruise Ship Over 2,500 Tourists for a one-day Visit



Koh Samui Welcomes the Second Cruise Ship Over 2,500 Tourists for a one-day Visit

(CTN News) – Today, a massive cruise ship four times larger than the previous one has docked in Koh Samui for only the second time in the last three years.

Only one other cruise ship visited the vacation island barely three weeks ago when cruising ended everywhere as cruise ships served as the ideal petri dish for the spread of Covid-19.

TUI Cruises Mein Schiff 5 cruise ship anchored off the coast of Koh Samui early today. Before heading to the island for the day, the ship makes a brief port call.

However, its 2,500 passengers, all from Europe, were a spectacle that the port city of Nathon and the island as a whole welcomed.

Even Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha voiced his joy at the prospect of the big cruise ship reviving the country’s marine industry.

Prayut was delighted, according to a deputy spokeswoman for the Prime Minister’s Office.

To prevent island vendors, companies, and services from taking advantage of day-trippers and damaging the reputations of Samui and Thailand, he asked key authorities to work together. He warned anybody caught raising rates or defrauding cruise passengers would face harsh penalties.

The island’s officials enthusiastically welcomed the visiting cruise guests.

To ensure visitors could experience the finest that Koh Samui has to offer while seeking to fairly disperse tourist money from the cruisers’ wallets, they organized sightseeing excursions across the island.

Since the outbreak, just two cruise ships have made port calls at Koh Samui; the first did so on November 27 amid much hoopla.

Koh Samui was a stop on Viking Cruises’ Secrets of Southeast Asia voyage where 600 guests may disembark and visit the popular Thai island. A considerably bigger ship, Mein Schiff 5, is bringing even more guests onshore.

The Covid pandemic severely affected the cruise industry, making it one of the first victims of an airborne virus due to the cramped conditions on board and inadequate ventilation.

Finally, the global cruise industry is starting to gather up the pace once again. Koh Samui anticipates having a second ship call there on New Year’s Eve.

However, according to Thai Newsroom, 32 ships are slated to arrive in 2024, whilst 31 ships are expected to port in Samui next year.

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