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7 Easy and Fun Ways To Make Money While Traveling



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If you’re tired of your nine to five at a cramped cubicle, you should ditch it, trade your dress shoes for some flip flops, and figure out how to make money while traveling. If you have an internet connection, good company, and some local cuisine you’re good to go. And if not, no worries, there are also some offline options included!

There are many travel agencies like an Incentive travel agency that can help you plan everything related to your trip. And if you are worried about your studies, then you can get good grades effortlessly just by using dissertation consulting service.

This article is designed to give you a better idea of how to travel and make money. Here are seven great ways to make some extra money while you’re gallivanting around the globe.

Tips to Hiring a Professional Photographer or Videographer for Event in Colorado

Sell Photographs or Videos Online while Traveling

If you love photography, why not use your camera to earn some money while traveling?  There are stock sites that will let you sell the pictures you take and pay you every time someone uses your photo. The more stock sites your photos are featured on, the more money you’ll receive from the hosting site.

Being a Freelancing Street Performer

In addition to photography, street performances can rake in a decent amount of money. The last time you went on vacation, how many people did you see playing an instrument; dancing, juggling or doing street magic.

If you have a cool talent, that people would not only enjoy videotaping, but also one that would compel people to donate, after a performance, you should do it! It’s a skill you have, might as well capitalize on it while abroad!


In most places you go to, it will be illegal for you to work there; however, there’s a loophole a lot of people love to exploit, voluntourism. By being part volunteer part tourist, you’ll be able to find lodging and meals wherever you end up. This also affords you the ability to live and eat like a local.

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Gamble Professionally Online

There’s a large number of sites that allow you to place bets, and why not go check out museums, historic districts, or the beach, and play a hand of blackjack or two to pay for everything you do that day?

If you’re someone who enjoys large stretches of luck, or you’re a diehard fan of a sport, consider gambling or sports betting on casino online pl.

Klara Czerwińska, an expert on online casinos, talks about how to make money at casinos online. She offers reviews on the best online casinos, and tips on how to make money at the casino regardless of where you are in the world.

Freelancing Online

If you’re highly skilled and enjoy working on the computer, you should consider freelancing. With sites like Upwork and Fiverr, clients are paying good money for the services of people who are highly skilled laborers.

Some of the most in-demand jobs you can find on freelancing platforms are digital marketing, website design, various forms of writing, and document translation. As a freelancer, you can write from anywhere you travel.

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Run an Online Business

This is a step up from the freelancing suggestion. If you’re highly specialized and you’re traveling long term, with a group of skilled remote workers, why not create an online business.

Limited liability companies (LLCs) are one of the most popular business entities in the United States. The flexibility the entity creates for members alongside personal asset protection makes it extremely favorable for new entrepreneurs. An added benefit is that anybody can establish an online business in America through an LLC. Click here to learn more about LLCs and how to establish an online one in the U.S.

You and the other people from this business could operate out of the flat that is being rented. The money earned could be pooled and then split between attracting new clients, paying bills, and booking excursions in the country you’re in.

Teach English Online

If you’ve taught before, have a love for language, or have the patience to deal with younger children, consider teaching English abroad. You may be able to find a coop to teach out of, or find an online teaching job that pays $20 or more per hour. It’s also a great way to make money online.

There’s a strong demand for English teachers, which resulted from the even stronger desire of others wanting to learn the language. Also, it’s a huge bonus if you’re in a part of the world where currently the U.S. Dollar or the Pound is strong because you’ll live comfortably teaching a relatively light course load. Many people are traveling to Thailand and Vietnam to teach English.


No matter the skills a person has, if they have a dream to travel, there are ways to make that happen. We hope these tips offered some ideas of ways to make money while traveling.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a software engineer or a saxophone player. If you want to make money while traveling, you’ll be able to find a way! This is a step up from the freelancing suggestions or using the best survey sites to make extra money from travelling.


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