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Health Documents Now Mandatory for all Airline Arrivals

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Thailand’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAAT) has stepped up its health requirements on airline ticket arrivals and warned that incoming passengers who do not meet health document requirements will be turned away.

According to a CAAT source, the warning came after the CAAT discussed border screening issues with the Airlines Operation Committee (AOC), Suvarnabhumi airport, Immigration Bureau, disease control officials, and over 90 airlines.

According to the meeting, airlines should thoroughly inspect the documents of passengers entering Thailand to enhance the effectiveness of health reviews conducted prior to their arrival.

CAAT issued a regulation in November requiring that airlines make sure all health-related documents are in order before issuing an airline ticket and boarding pass to passengers travelling to Thailand.

An RT-PCR certificate with the current date of issue is required 72 hours before travel, along with registration with the Thailand Pass system under the Phuket Sandbox program.

Denied Airline Ticket and Boarding Pass

If there is a problem with a passenger’s documentation, they will not be able to get an airline ticket boarding pass.

Failure to comply with this regulation will result in a warning, according to the source. If the violation is repeated, more severe penalties may be imposed.

The source added that the airlines have all been informed about the actions being taken and have all been cooperating with airport authorities.

Phuket Sandbox participants must also produce all relevant health documents upon arrival in Thailand.

Those without the necessary documentation will be directed to a designated area of the airport where they must wait to be sent back to the country from which they departed.

As a result of an increase in local Omicron variant cases, the registration for the “Test & Go” program for travellers has been suspended. A total of 200,00 people have registered for the program, and 110,000 have been approved. The remainder is awaiting review.

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