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TikTok Continues to Love Drag Queen Trixie Mattel

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Another wild week on TikTok. Credit: Mashable Composite

Having been called out by Doja Cat for being a snake, Beyoncé posted her first TikTok video this week while Noah Schnapp decided to break his silence by uploading a math video. TikTok users posted about things that irritated them, and they discussed things that pissed them off, as well as participated in a keep singing along challenge.

Teenagers, girls, lesbians, I love them all…

In a recent interview with Vice News, drag queen Trixie Mattel said that most of her fans are queer women, teenagers, girls, lesbians, mentally ill, sad, and folk music lovers. As a result of the iconic soundbite, TikToks clearly benefited. Creators post other things that appeal to those demographics in addition to posting other things geared toward them. Absurdity is the best kind of humor. Approximately 3,000 TikToks have featured the video.

The least likely champion of the trend was probably posted by @gigiontherun, who posted a picture of Tom Wambsgans from Succession with the caption, “a list of people who love Tom Wambsgans.” This was certainly the least likely champion. Among the most popular videos within the last few days is one uploaded by @annilese.22, which has garnered nearly 400,000 views and more than 36,000 likes.

An unlikely king. Credit: TikTok / Gigiontherun

An unlikely king. Credit: TikTok / Gigiontherun

I want to hear something that will irritate me

@artimuswolz has posted TikToks accompanying over 90,000 videos. The video is shown in a screenshot saying, “Ugh, I need some feeling. Harry, what would irritate me?” Offscreen, Harry says, “Boba Fett is better than Mando.” Wolz replies, “Yup, that’ll do.” The video was uploaded on June 10 and has been viewed almost one million times. TikTokkers are using the audio to share relatable or hyper-specific things that bother them, which is not surprising.

When Harry says, “Bobba Fett is better than Mando,” a creator reveals what pisses them off. Among the trend’s examples are @mattiebasement’s video about frosted cookies found in supermarkets and @tiffanymariex3’s video entitled “Relaxxx, it’s not that serious.”

For the record, these cookies do suck. Credit: TikTok / Mattiebasement

For the record, these cookies do suck. Credit: TikTok / Mattiebasement

Taking part in a singing contest

As fans on TikTok have been flexing their knowledge to new levels, they have reached new heights. A new version of the trend has recently gained popularity, which challenges users to keep singing along to their favorite songs. While several versions of the challenge were popular at the beginning, the most popular one involved creators singing along with their favorite musicians’ lyrics.

The next iteration was much weirder. There were instrumental versions of this song that were created selectively after the complicated lyrics had been edited out. Viewers who failed to sing along correctly would be held hostage by TikTokkers who threatened to spray them with a spray bottle if they failed to sing along. Duets would take place as a result, and fans would proudly demonstrate their skills.

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