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Microsoft Confirmed That Windows 10 Dubbed 22H2 – Is The Final Version



Windows 10

(CTN Newa) – Since Microsoft switched to Windows 11, Windows 10 hasn’t gotten many new features, but the company has now confirmed it stopped making significant updates for the older OS.

The change occurs despite Windows 11’s difficulties in surpassing its forerunner in user acceptance.

Windows 10 dubbed 22H2 – final version

This week, Microsoft declared that the current build of Windows 10, code-named 22H2, is the final version.

The business urges users to upgrade to Windows 11, which holds a small portion of the Windows market share 18 months after introduction, if they want new feature updates.

Microsoft also reiterated that the last monthly security update for Windows 10 will occur on October 14, 2025.

After that date, anyone still using Windows 10 will probably need to download patches from independent organizations like 0patch.

Anyone purchasing new Windows keys now will receive Windows 11 because the Redmond company stopped selling Windows 10 licences in January.

Windows 11 Pro licenses are available for $39, a significant savings

Users of Windows 10 have been left out of numerous changes to user interface components like the taskbar, File Explorer, and snapshot capability since the release of Windows 11.

Microsoft had to solve performance problems and other hiccups brought on by numerous Windows 11 updates.

Due to issues with gaming performance, the Microsoft was forced to temporarily halt the rollout of Windows 11 22H2 in December.

Although Windows 11 continues to gain users, the majority of users still appear to prefer Windows 10 or see little reason to upgrade.

According to the most recent Statcounter and Steam data, Windows 10 is installed on almost three out of every four laptops and desktop computers, whereas Windows 11 is only used on about 20 percent of these devices.

System Requirements for Windows 11 became a serious problem in the run-up to its release

The OS can only officially support a very restricted subset of the most current CPU generations because TPM 2.0 is required. Inconsistent restrictions have also been in place for using Windows 11 on incompatible systems.

Recently, preliminary details about Windows 12 have begun to surface. According to reports, it might get updates more quickly than Windows 11.

It might also use a more modular structure for more adaptability on a larger range of hardware, such as less expensive systems.

Additionally, the upcoming version of Windows may feature artificial intelligence more prominently.

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