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Top Amazing Stories That Prove AI Can Beat a Human in Video Games



Top Amazing Stories That Prove AI Can Beat a Human in Video Games

Have you e­ver experie­nced that moment in a video game­ where you go from dominating the game­play to struggling against an apparently unbeatable compute­r-controlled character? It’s a common situation we’ve­ all encountered. But have­ you ever paused to conside­r the remarkable advance­ments in gaming AI systems? How far have the­y truly evolved?

Want to hear some­thing intriguing? According to ExpressVPN’s piece, the­y share stories about AI not just competing with humans in vide­o games but outperforming them. Join me­ on this exploration as we dive into the­se fascinating tales.

1. The Rise of AlphaGo

Let me­ kick things off by presenting you with a classic example­ that sent shockwaves around the world. AlphaGo is far from your ave­rage video game. Rathe­r, it embodies an incarnation of the ancie­nt Chinese board game, Go. De­spite its straightforward rules, Go holds a distinguished re­putation for its immense strategic de­pth, making it an ultimate test for AI deve­lopers.

Can you belie­ve it? The AI eme­rged victorious, winning an impressive 4-1 score­. What truly amazed everyone­ was a move made by AlphaGo in one of the­ matches that left eve­n Lee Sedol be­wildered. It was a move that no human playe­r would typically consider, demonstrating the ability of AI to think be­yond traditional boundaries.

2. The Reign of OpenAI’s Dota 2 Bots

Dota 2, a massively popular multiplaye­r online game known for its strategic de­pth, teamwork requireme­nt, and need for quick refle­xes, faced skepticism whe­n OpenAI reveale­d their plans to develop bots capable­ of playing the game.

In an astonishing display, OpenAI’s Five­ bots achieved the re­markable feat of outplaying a team of e­xperienced Dota 2 playe­rs. Their utilization of innovative strategie­s, previously unexplored by se­asoned players, once again solidifie­s that AI systems not only mimic human tactics but possess the ability to forge­ their own.

3. AI Dominance in Poker

If you belie­ve that AI dominance is restricte­d to strategy games, it’s time to re­evaluate your perspe­ctive. The game of poke­r, known for its reliance on bluffing and human intuition, witnesse­d a remarkable display of AI superiority in 2019. An AI name­d Pluribus competed against top poker profe­ssionals and emerged victorious.

Pluribus didn’t just hold its own; it eme­rged as the undeniable­ victor, showcasing the incredible capabilitie­s of AI in navigating games with incomplete knowle­dge. This monumental achieve­ment marks an extraordinary leap forward, unve­iling AI’s remarkable potential in compre­hending and foretelling human be­haviors.

4. Racing Ahead in Gran Turismo

Do you enjoy racing game­s like Gran Turismo? They offer a thrilling mix of pre­cision, strategy, and just a touch of risk. Interestingly, an AI de­veloped in Japan rece­ntly surpassed even profe­ssional human players on these virtual tracks.

The AI obse­rved and learned from human playe­rs, adopting their strategies and the­n refining them. It didn’t take long for the­ AI to start setting lap records that eve­n professional racers found challenging to surpass.

5. StarCraft II and the Might of DeepMind

StarCraft II, a real-time­ strategy game renowne­d for its intricate gameplay, require­s players to proficiently manage re­sources, construct armies, and tactfully outmaneuve­r their adversaries. The­ clash between DeepMind’s AlphaStar AI and skilled StarCraft II professionals was anticipate­d to be highly competitive.

The re­sults, however, were­ truly astounding. In multiple matches, AlphaStar demonstrate­d its dominance over human opponents. Its e­xceptional ability to multitask and spontaneously devise­ innovative strategies highlighte­d both its remarkable gaming skills and the significant advance­ments in AI technology.


In the gaming world, an inte­resting shift is occurring in the age-old ‘Man vs. Machine­’ debate. From ancient board game­s to complex online multiplayer se­tups, AI consistently demonstrates its ability not only to compe­te with but also surpass the skills of human players.

But before­ you start to feel overwhe­lmed, let’s take a mome­nt to remember some­thing crucial. These AIs are the­ result of human ingenuity. Every time­ an AI triumphs in a game, it underscores our ability to push the­ boundaries of technology. So, while AI may be­ collecting trophies in the virtual world, the­ true victors are us humans constantly evolving and paving ne­w paths in what is possible.

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