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Threads, Facebook, And Twitter Users Can Now Cross-Post

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Threads, Facebook, And Twitter Users Can Now Cross-Post

(CTN News) – It has been reported that Meta Threads, the parent company of Facebook, is testing a cross-posting feature that will enable Facebook users to simultaneously post to both their Facebook and Threads accounts.

At present, this feature is in a limited iOS test that excludes the European Union, and it mirrors the functionality that is already available for cross-posting from Facebook to Instagram. Meta representatives have confirmed that users will be able to share text and link posts from Facebook to Threads.

Streamlining the process of sharing multimedia and text updates across platforms is viewed as a potential boon for content creators. In addition, it strengthens’ integration into Meta’s broader app ecosystem, potentially enhancing the Threads app in a significant way.

Previously, Threads experimented with cross-posting, which caused user dissatisfaction when posts were automatically shared on Facebook and Instagram. Due to the fact that users tend to engage with different audiences on these platforms than on Threads, this caused concerns.

It is common for users to connect with family and friends on Facebook and Instagram while using for a more public or professional persona, sharing work or political interests, much like how they do on Twitter.

By introducing the option to disable automatic sharing by default, Meta addressed this issue.

The company is also exploring new features beyond cross-posting. On LinkedIn, Grujicic also posted an image illustrating a trial of a “Write with AI” writing assistant designed to assist users with the creation of their posts.

There are currently 3.98 billion users on Meta’s family of apps, and even a small percentage of these users could significantly increase’ content.

Earlier in 2021, Facebook introduced the ability to cross-post to Instagram, building on the ability to cross-post Stories between the two platforms. Meta’s existing social networks enabled Threads, which was launched last summer as a rival to Twitter and Clubhouse, to gain rapid traction.

Users of New Threads were automatically connected with their Instagram contacts, propelling the platform to more than 100 million users in five days and capturing a significant portion of other social media giants’ weekly active user base.

The recent quarter report from Meta indicates that Threads has over 130 million monthly active users, partly due to strategic promotion within Facebook and Instagram’s main feeds.


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