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These 7 Phone Habits Can Change Your Life Into Better



These 7 Phone Habits Can Change Your Life Into Better

In the fast pace world, everything runs in a hurry like there’s no tomorrow. Life indeed should be lived without caring about minor things but with phones in their hands, people often stress over small stuff while scrolling without confirming things.

Half of the data on the internet should be checked first before doing anything. Even though the smartphone provides great quality of life from communication to awareness about current affairs and solving online payment issues but it has more to it.

People of every age, children, youth, and adults all are affected by it. However, some routines that can make your life healthy. word image 228614 1 scaled

Social Media Chaos

Social Media is the biggest platform for everybody in this era of the internet. It is strange to see that some people have no profile on applications because even little things are attached by their internet accounts no matter if it’s about communication or to shop something online.

Apps like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram have taken over the world. The perk of having it all is the connection with the world.

But the low point is that a foreigner who you don’t know can put something that may lead you to do the comparison for example there is a trend of uploading stories on Insta.

In those stories usually they upload the picture of food or places they’ve been to so their friends or followers could see their updates. Now that also made everybody hide their true selves and uploading fake stuff just to please their followers or to create a specific image.

This is why social media detox is necessary once in a while. Although it cannot be avoided all the time but certain measures can be taken for the well-being. Such as,

  • Cut the unnecessary apps
  • Too much gaming
  • Increase the Learning
  • Keep the journal
  • Prioritize your health
  • Exercise through phone
  • Improve your lifestyle

What does it mean by cutting the apps when it is not easy to maintain a social presence? The answer is simple, to maintain the temperament uninstall all the applications whose notifications pop up gives a hectic feeling. People don’t open most of them because it makes them anxious.

If you are a pro gamer or just a player who’s playing it for a hobby, extravagant anything can be perilous for one’s mind, because it has an impact on not just mental health but the physical condition of a person as well. For example, eyesight and posture can go down because of spending a lot of time on video games.

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The upside of the phone is anything can be learned by putting the focus on from both free sources and paid classes. Instead of babbling all time on chats and fluff, learning a language or skill may go positively in your journey.

Having a record of what one is up to takes hold of a person’s prosperity. It helps to stay on the track of productivity. It saves a person from getting exploited through unwanted stuff that passes through the algorithm and stays concentrated on the right thing.

In this digital age, it is quite easy to practice exercises and measure your strength and physical stamina as new phones are upgraded with the features like physical fitness including the drinking water extent or how many steps one has taken during a day. It calculates and delivers the data.


By following all the mentioned above things one can accomplish all the tasks without going sidetracked into depression or anxiety. The honor90 is a high-quality performing phone that covers all the aspects related to positive health. The tech is supposed to help humans not take over them and that is why the correct usage should be appreciated.

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