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Google Launches a Chatbot Modeled After ChatGPT

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Google Launches a Chatbot Modeled After ChatGPT

(CTN News) – Earlier this week, Google rebranded one of its chatbots, ChatGPT, into Gemini. This gives Gemini unprecedented prominence on Google’s products as it prepares to go head-to-head against Microsoft in the artificial intelligence race.

After releasing a chatbot a year ago under the name Bard, Google has now changed the name to ChatGPT, which is a chatbot developed as part of its partnership with OpenAI, the makers of ChatGPT, in an attempt to catch up with Microsoft’s Bing chatbot.

It has been a year since the chatbots were launched, and they have grown from just generating text to generating images, relying on the most recent data collected from the internet, based on simple prompts.

Gemini will be available through an easy-to-spot link on the Google app in the company’s iPhone app, which signals that the company is becoming an integral part of its consumer experience on par with search by including the AI chatbot as part of its consumer experience.

In addition, Google said it was releasing Gemini Ultra 1.0,

Its most powerful generative AI model yet, which will be available as a powerful chatbot in 150 countries, but only in English. The chatbot will cost $20 a month, and it will be available in only 150 countries.

For Android phones, Gemini and Gemini Advanced will be standalone apps, and for iPhones, they will be included as part of the Google app.

According to the company, at the moment, the apps won’t be available in Europe, as it still has to figure out how to address the regulatory hurdles there before the apps will be available.

Announcing the update by Google came just a day after Microsoft announced it had redesigned its own equivalent Copilot app, which is now known as the Bing chatbot, which was previously referred to as the Bing Assistant.

As part of Microsoft’s efforts to promote the use of its standalone app Copilot as part of Sunday’s Super Bowl, the company announced that it would run an advertisement to promote the use of the application.

In light of some doubts against the long-term use cases for generative AI chatbots, both Google and Microsoft make the case that their products can be used to enhance creativity online, regardless of any long-term doubts.


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