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How Does SMore ViMo Machine Vision System Bring You Production Automation?



How Does SMore ViMo Machine Vision System Bring You Production Automation?

SMore ViMo Machine Vision System Bring You Production Automation –  Smart manufacturing is the new vogue that the manufacturing industries are adopting with broad minds and open arms.

This fancy that the manufacturing experts took to the high-tech industrial software and production line equipment has led them to some lucrative profitable investments.

And the financial out-turn of such smart decisions has stupefied business people with its jaw-dropping statistics.

Let us back this statement with some astounding data-driven reports, revealing that in 2022, the market size of the manufacturing industry measured by revenue is recorded to be over 8.8 trillion only in the U.S alone.

These figures are enough to paint the picture that the manufacturing sectors are already breaking the bank, and this trend doesn’t seem like going out of fashion any time soon.

In other words, speeding up the manufacturing process while maintaining top-notch quality is only possible by taking in smart industrial management systems like SMore ViMo.

This article will help you discover how this exquisite machine vision system is laden with features that will cover all the pain points that keep you from expanding your production automation business on a global scale.

Wondering how you could realize this dream? Well, continue to read till the end.

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Using Machine Vision Products and the Algorithms of SMore ViMo

With 20 eminent years of continuous research in the manufacturing of unprecedented technology solutions like the tremendous machine vision system, the SmartMoreInside has enclosed all its secrets in a valuable product called SMore ViMo.

Majorly it consists of 4 core vision algorithm integrations that are made to support the manufacturing industry in getting a grip on its distressing challenges with reliable model updating cycles.

The following are some of the machine vision products that work exceptionally well with various features of the SMore ViMo algorithms:

  • Storage of Incoming Material: OCR

In industrial manufacturing, the warehouse and logistics management holds significant value over others because that’s the place where all the imported material is stored until it is needed.

However, different products have different material requirements. That’s why all the stored material needs to be correctly identified through a barcode scanner. This electronic gadget assists the visual inspection features of the machine vision system.

When the scanner reads the barcode attached to the material packaging, the SMore ViMo gets functional under the OCR algorithm, which is particularly designed to interpret hard-to-read distinguishing characters, even if they are written on the background of the material.

Whether it’s a single-character or a multi-character standard in the form of steel printing, plain printing, laser engraving, textile, or any other kind for that matter, using the OCR algorithm of SMore ViMo, the scanner would be able to recognize every marking symbol.

  • Pre-Detection of Incoming Material: Detection and Classification

When it comes down to inspecting the incoming material before it even reaches your warehouse inventory, the probability of working with a machine vision system produces endless opportunities to figure out what the defect is, where it is located, and how many of them are present in a single material. In this procedure, the prerequisite digital processing equipment is the industrial camera, light sources, a light controller, and a robotic arm.

All these advanced digital implements get integrated with the machine vision system to provide sufficient lighting for capturing the object image in high resolution so that it can be further analyzed by the SMore ViMo’s detection and classification algorithm functions.

The intelligent classification algorithm of SMore ViMo will then classify the material by factors like color and point out 3C defects sub-classification and other issues regarding the imaging object.

For spot-on industrial management, the detection algorithm locates and classifies targets in the detected materials while performing an automated defect screening on a larger portion.

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  • Monitoring of Production Lines: Classification + Detection

The production automation equipment needs supervision for two processes: part manufacturing and assemblage. And to keep a close eye on both of these pre-eminent procedures, the machine vision system demands the assistance of an industrial camera and a robotic arm.

Obviously, these digital technology tools play a vital part in covering the primary stage of visual processing – that is, handling the production line components and taking high-resolution images under proper illumination.

To top it off, the SMore ViMo puts forward the combination of its two versatile algorithm features that goes by the name of classification and detection.

While utilizing these algorithm tactics, not only are the traces of defects found, but they are also recorded for appropriate data evaluation.

Thus, the SMore ViMo offers an exponential upgrade of traditional manufacturing techniques through advanced mechanization and production automation of regular operations that involve particular visual capabilities. For example, identifying, sorting, positioning, and measuring thoroughly processed parts with utmost proficiency.

  • Quality Control: Detection

To confirm the most suitable and industrial-grade materials to be used as basic ingredients for further processing, certain digital inventions are known to be useful for providing good cooperation to achieve preferred effects.

Useful digital items comprise an industrial camera, light controller, and light sources.

Meanwhile, all these mentioned electronic instruments fit together with the purpose of the machine vision system, which is to boost the optimization of the industrial management gears greatly. With the SMore ViMo’s detection algorithm,

it becomes more simplified and rapidly operational to identify multiple and even small targets in a single image.

After deeply examining that image for other defects, the recorded reasons are kept for comparing standardized data to the newly put-on labels.

  • Delivery Tracking: OCR

Keeping tabs on your dispatched deliverables is not only fundamental but is also an absolute necessity nowadays. A scanner is used to follow and monitor the route of the ordered parcel. To detect the path of the deliverable, SMore ViMo offers its OCR algorithm and helps figure out specific delivery by recognizing its distinct characters through the scanner.

This feature of the algorithm breaks the boundaries of traditional manufacturing methods and encourages the practice of this standardized system engineered for solving complex scenarios that seem impossible to tackle.

However, the advanced mechanism of production automation made to revolutionize the manufacturing sector is all prepared to rise to the occasion with its tech-savvy and futuristic technology approach towards maximum productivity.

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Benefits of Applying SMore ViMo Machine Vision System

The implementation of SMore ViMo machine vision system to your production automation equipment set can instantly put you in the driver’s seat, where you can control every tiny step of your manufacturing process through complete optimization. So let’s check some of the prime advantages that your production line machinery can enjoy while working under the supervision of this impeccably designed machine vision system:

  • High Accuracy – thanks to its defect inspection function.
  • High Efficiency – all the identifying and inspection jobs are done perfectly in no time.
  • Remote Collaboration – you don’t have to stay at the factory because SMore ViMo is a web-based tool that allows online operation, helping you increase working efficiency.
  • Delivery Tracking – you can know the logistic information with simply a scan.


Whether it’s about complete factory digitalization with multiple optimization items or an individual request for specific production automation equipment, SmartMoreInside knows the ropes of creating various unparalleled software and hardware products.

Especially when transforming your manufacturing business with SMore ViMo machine vision system, it has already turned the tables around for Fortunate 500 manufacturers in an extremely impressive way.

Thus, if you want the taste of the same luxurious triumph in the competitive manufacturing market, don’t wait to upgrade your production automation equipment to obtain desired upshots on the revenue graph.

We are heavily stocked with amazing industry digitalization items and would love to help you fix all your production automation problems with our innovative technology solutions.

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