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Proxies for Social Networks. What are They for and Which Ones to Use?



Proxies for Social Networks. What are They for and Which Ones to Use?

The results of numerous analytical studies (GlobalWebIndex, Statista, Sprout Social, Pew Internet, etc.) have shown that social networks have become a popular format among all Internet resources, leaving behind forums, news, information and dating sites.

They are a means of public communication, a source of news, a trading platform, a place of communication, an interest club, a professional community, they influence the formation of public opinion and allow communication with any audience.

However, many people have problems accessing social networks. And not everyone knows that they can be solved using a proxy.

Why do you need a proxy for social networks

A proxy is an intermediate link between the user’s computer and the sites visited. It acts as a kind of buffer and allows you to:

  • maintain anonymity;
  • change location;
  • hide IP;
  • visit sites blocked in the region;
  • bypass account or IP blocking;
  • protect your computer from network attacks, etc.

What proxy is needed for social networks

By type of access:

  1. Open (free) – suitable for undemanding users for normal surfing. Do not save from cluster blocking when the network blocks a pool of IP addresses.
  2. Paid individual proxies – can be used for comfortable surfing and any work, including promoting accounts, groups and pages.

By type of traffic:

  1. IPv4 and IPv6 proxy – for normal web traffic (standard network such as home, office Internet);
  2. mobile – for visitors who use wireless mobile Internet (including 3G, 4G).

Proxies for different social networks

Each social network has its own characteristics that affect the choice of residential proxies. Let’s take a closer look at Instagram.

This is a mobile application with an audience of over 1 billion users. It has extensive functionality and convenient tools for business: promotion and promotion of personal pages, public pages, online stores, placement of photo and video files (including photo galleries), advertising.

The service has strict monitoring and is famous for frequent blocking, which can only be bypassed through a proxy. For example, Instagram bans for creating and maintaining a grid of accounts from one IP, access to one account from different IPs or from different devices.

Instagram proxy recommendations and restrictions: the service supports both types of protocols (IPv4 and IPv6) and mobile proxies.

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