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NVIDIA Identifies Huawei As A Top Competitor For The First Time

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NVIDIA Identifies Huawei As A Top Competitor For The First Time

(CTN News) – For the first time in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Nvidia identified Huawei as one of its main competitors in several categories, including artificial intelligence chips, for the first time on Wednesday evening.

There was a report on Wednesday by a Santa Clara, California-based company, Ubiquiti Networks, that Huawei, a Chinese company with a similar background, competes with it in the supply of artificial intelligence chips, such as graphics processing units (GPUs), central processing units ( CPUs) and networking chips.

Moreover, Huawei has also been identified as a cloud service provider that designs its own hardware and software to make AI computing more efficient and effective. There are several chips in Huawei’s Ascend family that compete with Nvidia’s line of AI processors in a bid to capture market share.

The main product of the Chinese company is the 910B chip, which is the main competitor to Nvidia’s flagship A100 chip, which was launched about three years ago.

Chinese AI chip market is estimated to be worth $7 billion according to analysts who have studied the market.

As reported by Reuters last year, Chinese search giant Baidu has placed a chip order with Huawei ahead of widely anticipated new rules that the U.S. government has put in place to tighten its restrictions on advanced artificial intelligence chips exports to China.

Nvidia also pointed out that Intel, Advanced Micro Devices, Broadcom, and Qualcomm are among its rivals that need to be kept in mind. Aside from and Microsoft, the chip company also identified several other large cloud computing companies that are also in the cloud.

The stock of Nvidia soared 14% in early afternoon trading on Thursday after the company announced a revenue forecast that exceeded expectations.


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