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Micro Frontend Architecture is Changing Frontend Development: Here’s How

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Micro Frontend Architecture is Changing Frontend Development: Here’s How

The world of frontend development is seeing a change in the form of micro frontend which have brought about a different way to handle your applications.

Micro frontend architecture is related to microservice architecture, which is the practice of breaking down big-sized software into smaller ones that can be easily developed, undergo testing, and also be run as stand-alone software.

However, it is the repetition of this process for a page or its elements that are considered micro frontend.

Developers have seen the disadvantages of a large software process, and are beginning to embrace the micro approach, which is well-poised to handle software growth.

Overall, micro frontend architecture makes software management smoother.

Micro Frontend Architecture

Advantages of Micro Frontend Architecture

Developers need to embrace micro frontends for several reasons, and this is what they stand to gain.

Smaller teams and multiple implementations

Micro frontends have stand-alone pieces that make it possible to use a range of technology stacks in running them.

Therefore, each piece can be handed over to a different team that has the experience to manage it while maintaining a seamless operation.

With more individualism in the implementation of software, new developers can be hired within one tech project.

Quicker software deployment 

Instead of having one large team working on a large-scale frontend development, which is often time-consuming, speed can be hastened as it has become possible to break software into small sizes and hand them to different software teams who will handle them.

That way, parts and features of a large project will be shared amongst teams who will work on developing and releasing these new features.

Once you have a smoother and quicker development, you will witness an improvement in deployment time. Teams can now run a feature immediately after they conclude work on it without waiting for the rest of the whole to be complete.

Micro Frontend ArchitectureWeb applications maintenance is improved

It is always easier to carry out maintenance for smaller web applications than for big ones. It is even harder to manage big continuously-growing software.

All this can become a thing of the past when you embrace micro frontends because you can break down and then handle them, making everything less stressful.

If you were to adopt micro frontend architecture for all your web development and applications, all features, requirements, and parts of your application would be managed with ease.

Top developing companies are switching over to micro frontends 

Far from just a bandwagon effect, many application and software developers are ditching the older methods of application development and using micro frontend architecture as they have experienced the benefits.

Already, about twenty-four percent of developers are already leveraging micro frontends and even companies might be adopting this frontend architecture soon.


The world of development is one that’s constantly moving and evolving, and the ability of a developer or company to embrace these changes and microservice benefits on time and improve their work processes is what separates a winner from the average.


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