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POCO X4 GT And F4 GT Aren’t Your Average Smartphones



POCO X4 GT And F4 GT Aren't Your Average Smartphones

(CTN News) – There’s a lot of competition today over whose POCO pho has better night vision, more cameras, or can zoom in on Harry Styles and Taylor Swift.

POCO, however, targets gamers and those who demand high performance. Their X4 GT and F4 GT phones are more like gaming PCs.

With liquid cooling, lightning-fast charging, high refresh rates, an LCD screen for the X4 GT and an AMOLED screen for the F4 GT, the company is sticking to its philosophy of “Everything you need, nothing you don’t.”

The company seems determined to use customer feedback to drive its focus. Tech enthusiasts are looking for affordable phones that deliver amazing performance, as they put it.

1. Affordable Next-Gen Tech

POCO’s devices are first and foremost affordable. Compared to most performance-comparable phones, POCO’s phones are less expensive due to their focus on tech performance.

For more tech-savvy Gen-Z consumers, POCO designs phones with gaming and entertainment at the center.

At about $400 (or €379), the X4 GT features MediaTek Dimension 8100, LiquidCool Tech 2.0, UFS 3.1, and LPDDR5. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1 processor powers the F4 GT, Qualcomm’s first 4nm chip.

Compared to the Snapdragon® 888 processor, the Adreno GPU delivers up to 50% faster graphics rendering. With POCO, next-level performance is actually accessible and affordable for the tech-savvy shopper.

2. Turbo charged

A “low battery” alert can interrupt your game or show. It’s even more difficult when you have to stop to avoid overheating. POCO seems to have found a solution.

With 67W turbo charging and Smart 120W Hyper Charge, X4 GTs can be fully charged in 46 minutes and F4 GTs in 17 minutes. Up to 6 hours longer than other flagship phones, the X4 GT’s battery offers 22 hours of video streaming. Providing little

3. Eye Care Solutions

On the X4 GT, the battery isn’t the only thing that’s been upgraded. The display and visuals have also been upgraded. This makes it not just powerful, but beautiful as well.

This LCD has a 144Hz refresh rate with Dynamic Switch Dot Display. The X4 GT is all about speed. DC Dimming reduces blue light with Dolby Vision.

If you’re trying to conquer the next challenge in a game or finish your favorite show, this will reduce the effects of flashing and blue light.

4. Powerful Apex Predators

POCO’s most powerful performance smartphone. Gaming performance in the palm of your hand. This phone has a Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1 processor.

Liquid Cool Tech 3.0 solves overheating with a multi-layer structure and large vapor chambers. Using 1920Hz PWM dimming in low-light environments or while gaming at night protects the eyes.

In FPS and MOBA games, the 10x super-resolution touch screen allows the display to respond to micro-movements. Display Mate, another A+ screen, has also set 15 performance records for the F4 GT.


Last but not least, the F4 GT feels more like a controller with a phone integrated. Add-ons or aftermarket attachments are not required. F4 GT covers you.

A magnetic pop-up trigger lets you switch from smartphone to gaming mode. The next-generation X-axis linear motor and vibration feedback enhance the overall gaming experience.

The gaming antennas and Multi-Link 5.0 support ensure precise screen response without lag. That annoys gamers.


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