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Match Group, Tinder, Hinge Sued Over ‘Addictive’ Dating Apps

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Match Group, Tinder, Hinge Sued Over 'Addictive' Dating Apps

(CTN News) – Match Group people often have bad experiences on internet dating apps, such as being swiped left, ghosted, bread crumbed, and benched, but only a few have thought of taking their heartbreak to court.

It has been reported that Tinder, Hinge, and Match are dating apps that use addictive, game-like features and can encourage compulsive behavior, which has been raised on Valentine’s Day.

According to the complaint, Match’s applications employ dopamine-manipulating features in order to trap users into becoming “gamblers locked in a search for psychological rewards that Match tries to keep elusive on purpose.”.

In response to the complaint, Match called it “ridiculous,” but experts in online dating say it was part of a reaction against the gamification of human experiences for financial gain and the feeling that users were being exploited.

In her book, “The Future of Seduction,” Mia Levitin stated, “I am not surprised that this case has come to litigation. I believe that big tech is the new big tobacco, since smartphones are just as addictive as cigarettes when it comes to seduction.”

One study, despite the difficulty of establishing causality, determined that couples who meet online are slightly more likely than other couples to have less stable and fulfilling marriages as compared with those who meet in person.

Natasha McKeever, a lecturer at Leeds University, claims that “Dating apps tend to encourage bad behaviours such as ghosting, breadcrumbs, and backburner relationships, which are among the bad behaviors that dating apps seem to encourage.”.

According to the author, one Match Group explanation could be that having a dating app in your pocket could make you feel that you could always find a better partner for you if you just swiped the right way.”

According to a recent survey, millennials spend at least 10 hours a week using dating apps and are addicted to scrolling, just like those who use social media, which has a detrimental effect on their mental health.


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