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How to Choose Secure Cloud Storage?

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How to Choose Secure Cloud Storage?

As the world is moving towards cloud storage, the common question of the businesses and users of cloud storage is how to choose secure cloud storage.

Indeed, security is of utmost importance, and it is the responsibility of the service provider to ensure data protection and privacy to the greatest level.

The exposure of data could lead to a massive loss, so finding the most secure cloud storage is the priority.

Due to the advancement in technology, there are more vulnerable and sophisticated cyber threats.

Therefore, every business needs to choose secure cloud storage.

In this article, we will discuss what cloud security and cloud storage security are and how they are different from each other. We will also share some of the best cloud storage in the market and discuss their security.

What Is Cloud Security?

Cloud security is often confused with cloud storage security, but it is a wider or broad concept, or you can call it the bigger picture.

Cloud security refers to the protection of cloud computing systems. The technology, techniques, security measures, cloud security tools, and everything else that is implemented to make the infrastructure, data, application, and the whole cloud system secure is essentially cloud security.

There are various things adopted for the security of the cloud, including identity access management, data privacy compliance, threat detection, data retention, legal compliance, etc.

The main thing is to ensure that your digital assets are secure from any kind of threat, malware, data leakage, or hacking.

Every computing that is happening in the cloud is secured, which is why cloud security is also known as cloud computing security.

Cloud computing includes various services, such as data servers, networking, physical networks, operating systems, applications, and data storage.

The cloud could be public, private, or hybrid. The security of all these things and different types of cloud environments is called cloud security.

On the other hand, the security of cloud storage, which comes as a service under cloud computing, is known as cloud storage security.

In simple words, cloud security is the security of the whole computing system, while cloud storage security is related to the security of cloud storage.

5 Apps That Protect Your Cloud Data Security


TeraBox is an incredible cloud storage service that gives 1TB of free storage and even more to the users. It not only offers storage space for free but also offers exceptional security and features.

The data on TeraBox is secured through advanced encryption and the latest security measures that ensure the safety and privacy of the users’ data.

It guarantees you cloud data security, which is certified by ISO and IEC.

You get private storage space, account security controls, and a lot more. Once the data is stored, there is nothing to worry about.

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iDrive is secure cloud storage for individuals, businesses, and large firms.

The best thing about it is the multiple plans that users can select according to their needs, and they offer special protection against ransomware, data durability, and data recovery.

Physical security, encryption, and network security are all up to the mark. It also gives you multiple backup options that ensure the safety of your data in case of any problem.

You can share your cloud with multiple users according to the plan you are using.


Sync is a well-known cloud storage service where you can store your files and data without any worries.

It offers up-to-the-mark security features and measures. It is also certified for security and privacy regulations.

You can try its 5GB free space. It gives you ultimate control over sharing and managing your shared data.

Its enterprise-grade infrastructure and account security control make it ideal for storing critical data.

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MEGA is an excellent cloud storage platform that offers end-to-end encrypted chats and data storage.

Your data is completely secure, and there is no need to worry about privacy breaches and data leakage. It offers you 20GB of free space that you can try before buying the premium plan.

Due to the two-factor authentication, recovery key (which can be used if you forget the password), and anti-ransomware are its advanced and commendable efforts to secure the cloud storage and users’ data.

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pCloud is another secure cloud storage option for users. The encryption of pCloud is commendable.

It keeps your files safe from any threats, malware, and hackers. Whether you need cloud storage for your personal or business use, pCloud is a perfect choice.

Your photos, office files, critical data, and almost anything can be stored.

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TeraBox’s Optimal Cloud Storage Security and Features

TeraBox is unquestionably secure storage because of its safety measures and features.

First of all, the data stored in the cloud is encrypted at the customers’ end. Thus, no one can get access to the data except the owner.

Whatever you upload or download is encrypted to ensure security.

The file transfer security of TeraBox is praiseworthy. You can share the data with restricted persons.

The link can be protected through an additional password, and an expiration date can also be set. Most importantly, TeraBox uses extraction code that prevents crawlers.

There are multiple levels of protection, such as log-in identity, account device protection, and identity authentication. It has cutting-edge cryptography, big data security and intelligence, and access control to improve security and take it to the next level.

Furthermore, TeraBox has a dedicated security team that ensures the privacy and security of the users through advanced techniques. They use upgraded and cutting-edge technology. They are responsible for risk control, anti-spamming, and other security measures.

Your personal information, the data in the cloud, credentials, private space, and everything are protected. These can never be disclosed to anyone for any reason.

Simply put, TeraBox is secure cloud storage that offers you everything for free. You get 1TB of free storage, and it can also be increased to 3TB. Its security is up to the mark, and you can store everything without any worries.

Other than these splendid security measures, there are various exceptional features that TeraBox offers.

There is a special private Safe where you can store your important data. It is protected through an additional layer of a password.

You can store almost anything you like, including your photos, important files, and other things.

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You can also create an automatic backup of your data to prevent it from any loss.

You can turn on the automatic upload mode, and sit back without worrying that your precious files will be lost. The data can also be restored whenever needed.

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More importantly, it allows you to send large files with optimal security. You can share the file with anyone. If you don’t want to share the file using your account, you can also share it without signing in.

TeraBox organizes all your data. Your videos, images, documents, and other files are organized and sorted properly.

You can view, download, share, and do whatever you want. Plus, you can also play the videos directly using the built-in video player.

The application is available for PC, iOS, and Android. The web application can also be used on any operating system. With that being said, you can sync the data from different devices, create a backup, and manage everything from anywhere.


We have discussed the importance of cloud security and cloud storage security. If you want to store data in the cloud, it is necessary to know whether the cloud is secure or not.

There are chances of malware, data leakage, hacking, and privacy breach, so you need to choose secure cloud storage that can offer everything you need without compromising security and privacy.

It is the responsibility of the service provider to ensure the security and privacy of the users’ data from every aspect.

We have shared various cloud storage services that you can try. These services are reliable, but they have different features, security measures, pros & cons, and pricing. However, you can select the right one according to your needs.

TearBox is an exceptional cloud storage service, and it has an edge over its competitors. Firstly, it offers a whopping 1TB of free storage where you can store anything you want.

The security of TeraBox is commendable. It offers encryption at the customers’ end, there is a dedicated team to ensure security and privacy, and most importantly, it is compliant with international privacy and security regulations.

You get tons of features and optimal security without paying a penny. Download TeraBox free and enjoy its extraordinary security and services.

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