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How Does Meta’s WhatsApp Business Utilize Artificial Intelligence?



WhatsApp Business gets AI-powered customer support. — Unsplash

(CTN News) – This week on WhatsApp , Mark Zuckerberg, the Chief Executive Officer of Meta, revealed new features that are powered by artificial intelligence and are accessible for WhatsApp Business applications. These functionalities are ready for use.

It was at the international Conversations event that took place in Sao Paulo that these characteristics were introduced to the general public for the first time.

According to the findings of a study that was carried out by TechCrunch, the objective of these recently introduced components of artificial intelligence is to improve the amount of client involvement and interactions that companies have with their clients.

Our goal is not only to create a single AI assistant; rather, we want to make it possible for a large number of different AIs to be created, each of which is capable of doing a range of tasks, including those designed for enterprises. When asked about his aspirations, the software magnate, who is forty years old, had the following to say: “Now, our vision is not just to build only one AI assistant.”

“Businesses should be able to quickly set up an agent who can assist customers, provide support, and facilitate commerce using the WhatsApp Business API.”

The implementation of artificial intelligence will allow users to create advertisements on Facebook and Instagram that can initiate a conversation with a company using WhatsApp.

These advertisements will be able to be shared with the company. In the future, it will be possible to make these advertising. Through the utilization of artificial intelligence, it will be feasible to accomplish the production of these commercials. The organization is now conducting intensive testing on a customer service system that is powered by artificial intelligence.

WhatsApp is being tested to make sure it works.

This strategy is aimed to automatically responding to customer inquiries regarding catalogues or questions that are frequently asked by consumers. The inquiries and questions that are the subject of this strategy are designed to be answered automatically.

At the moment, the social media company is in the midst of conducting tests with a specific group of merchants in the countries of India and Singapore. These examinations are already taking place at this very moment. In addition, the organization is making preparations to expand its operations to Brazil in the not too distant future by utilizing the resources that are now accessible to them.

Furthermore, Meta WhatsApp stresses the importance of clearly denoting AI-generated messages so that consumers realize that they are not conversing with a human representative of a company. The purpose of this is to make customers aware of the fact that they are not. The purpose of doing this is to ensure that customers are able to make informed decisions. This action was taken with the intention of ensuring that customers make decisions based on an accurate representation of facts.

Additionally, WhatsApp plans to make use of artificial intelligence in order to facilitate the delivery of messages that are especially targeted to the recipient.

WhatsApp will be used to do this.

In light of this, rather of sending emails to all of the subscribers at the same time, this would make it possible for businesses to connect with particular subgroups of customers in a manner that is both more timely and more efficient.

In addition to providing recommendations for appropriate audience segments that are receptive to receiving targeted communications that go beyond information related to orders, the company has announced that its Ads Manager will now provide recommendations. As a result of this development, the company will be able to enhance its competitiveness.

According to the announcement made by the corporation, this functionality is available.

For the purpose of assisting businesses who would like to avoid the additional expenditures that are connected with purchasing things that are same, Meta is releasing their tools for free cost in order to aid those organizations.

This is done with the intention of supporting businesses. Additionally, as a result of this, the company is dedicated to providing assistance to other companies.


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