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Diagnostic Adapters and Software for Construction Machinery

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Construction Machinery: Today, the maintenance area is the most important in the question of good machine performance and, therefore, in order for our products to meet the required demands, here diagnostic adapters and software like the ones offered by www.epcatalogs.com are essential to reduce costs and increase productivity.

All machines have evolved to where automated processing via logic controllers has become essential. The brain in the process and who determines, step by step, how our team pool behaves. All of the above will not work without a set of devices such as motors, sensors, digital and analogue signals, power supplies, etc. All of our equipment has a useful life, so failures in our machines will appear over time. And, for this reason, preventive, adjustment and corrective diagnosis are of utmost importance in the event of a breakdown.

If our staff is unprepared for possible machine breakdowns, time can be the worst enemy of losses due to sudden shutdowns. Using the right tools can help to have an immediate response and act appropriately in the face of a breakdown, implementing preventive and corrective diagnoses. The logic controller, apart from running the entire process, also receives feedback from its components where we can determine what is causing the problem.

The process for determining failure will vary according to the case, in some cases, diagnostic systems have been added by the programmer directly at the HMI. On other occasions, it is necessary to connect to the PLC to view the information resulting from preventive and corrective diagnostics

What for?

In general, the use of the right tools is very useful in being able to find errors in the shortest possible time and be able to fix them in an acceptable time.

Apart from diagnosis, it is necessary to have a good repair plan in place, this is to identify which suppliers have good stock and, in the absence of suppliers with some machine tools, have this part in their own warehouse. It would be better if combined with equipment risk analysis and what is problematic to have stock for quick response. If we can visualize construction machinery, we can observe it, and thus have an accurate guide to initiating any repairs and maintenance on that construction machinery.

With the old method, when the screen displays information about the error, but not exactly what it is, without a connection to the PLC we don’t have all the information. So at that point, we might be required to start a trial and error repair, which might solve the problem, but could take a lot of time and effort. In many cases, it is not possible to find the real problem using this impractical method.

What benefits does the diagnostic adapter and software bring?

– Reduction of machine downtime with good preventive diagnosis.

– In case of engine shutdown, short time to find fault.

– Live overview with the machine, view the machine hardware and our values.

– Signals can be coerced to determine whether our sensors or actuators are functioning properly.

– etc.

In the end, modern construction machinery cannot be separated from diagnostic adapters and software because they include centralized automation controlled by “sophisticated brains” so that every problem can be analyzed and solved in a very short time.


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