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Difference between SEO and SMO




SEO and SMO: In recent times, online marketing has become all about the possibility of making people aware of the web page’s existence and its visibility. You might have a new website that looks well-made and is also convenient to use. However, it does not have any reach, and thus, no one can see it. This sounds like a legit problem for a business to face.

If this is a problem you are facing, you have to look for a solution online. You learn about the world of search engine optimisation (SEO) and come to know about its effects on how it would direct traffic to your page. How would this happen? SEO would help your company pop up early in the search engine results. This digital marketing strategy works to put your website in front of Google for keywords related to your business. While every business has the option of recommending the website on social media platforms, adapting to effective SEO strategies has proven to be the best for letting people know about the service or the product. Therefore, it can be summed up that SEO is basically the way to improve the ranking of your page in the search engine.

If you want to go a little further, you might as well take a look at an idea called Social Media Optimisation (SMO). SMO refers to the promotion of your advertising campaigns to drive more organic traffic to your website. SEO service has been around since the advent of search engines way back in the nineties. SMO, on the other hand, is a new way to drive traffic to your website and started only in 2006 when it was first mentioned in Article 5 of Rohbi Bhargava’s social media promotion forecast. SMO is a part of SEO and helps people to come across the web page online. The purpose of SMO is to work with different social media platforms and enhance the increasing importance of the business. This can be considered an optimisation deal that makes the presence of the company known and gives a boost to its online reputation through not only platforms like Facebook or Twitter but also through blogs, forums, etc.

Even though their templates differ in one alphabet, SEO and SMO are very different. This article will discuss the differences between SEO and SMO.

What are SEO and SMO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is seen as a strategic strategy that has the overall goal of bringing more people to the website in the first stage by increasing the search engine optimisation level. SMO (Social Media Optimisation) is considered part of SEO and helps SEO in three different ways and ultimately helps people find you online. With the help of relevant keywords, SEO directs organic traffic to your site and increases online visibility. SEO mainly depends on the site structure and differs from SMO in its use of on-site optimisation techniques. The basic features of SEO include:

  • Keyword Planning
  • Good Quality Optimized Copy
  • Meta Title & Description
  • Link Building
  • User-Friendly Website

Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

As the name implies, SMO manages various community networks and contributes to the growing needs of companies. SMO greatly increases the brand’s awareness amongst the mass and also speaks of its reliability. Most local businesses use SMO to come up with maximum reachability. SMO means not only optimising the website but also the content so that more users are encouraged to share a link to the online platforms for better visibility. It has an off-site optimisation technique and relies greatly on the quality of the content to work properly.

Working with SMO helps to strengthen the brand and significantly increase visibility. This ultimately results in a more efficient way of building an image and thus increasing sales. Promoting a social media account gains trust and makes everyone aware of the company where customers see and support your website.

  • Create Shareable Content
  • Make Sharing Content Easy
  • Providing Value to Users
  • Giving Rewards to Loyal Followers

Do SMO and SEO help each other?

Since SEO focuses primarily on promoting your web page rank and the purpose of driving visitors from Google, the work of SMO is to drive advertising traffic. Both SEO and SMO work in different areas, but they influence each other. The most important thing for SEO and SMO is to drive natural traffic to your website and convert customers to sales. It makes sense that they should be implemented together so that your business reaches the zenith of success.

While no one knows exactly how different Google rankings affect websites, it is clear that social media has a significant impact on SEO rankings. In fact, in 2010, it was even described on Twitter as “a new kind of link building”. Recently, another study concluded that a high social media presence has a high place in the SERPs.

Both SEO and SMO are techniques of directing traffic to a particular web page. While SEO is about the search engine, SMO uses social media platforms to create awareness and build trust. Even though they work for the same purpose, their processes are quite different from one another. Right strategies will help you to fuse SEO and SMO together for the best results.


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