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CEO Of Intel Touts AI Everywhere Initiative



CEO Of Intel Touts AI Everywhere Initiative

(CTN News) – Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger is spearheading a strong push for the chipmaker’s latest product lineup, which harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

In an interview with Liz Claman on “The Claman Countdown” on Fox Business, Gelsinger shared details about the upcoming event called AI Everywhere.

Gelsinger emphasized that while generative AI has predominantly been utilized in high-end training environments, Intel aims to change that by integrating AI into everyday devices such as personal computers (PCs) and edge devices. This presents an opportunity for customers to experience the benefits of AI in their daily lives.

During the event, Gelsinger will discuss the concept of the AI PC, which aims to bring AI capabilities to every PC in the future.

Additionally, Intel plans to enable AI functionality in every edge device and enterprise data center. Gelsinger highlighted Intel’s unique position in terms of volume, driving standards, and fostering ecosystems, which sets them apart in this endeavor.

In summary, Intel’s CEO is determined to make AI accessible and widespread through their new product launch. By integrating AI into PCs, edge devices, and enterprise data centers, Intel aims to bring AI capabilities to every aspect of our lives.

Intel is preparing to introduce a new PC that is powered by an AI semiconductor chip, which the company envisions as the future industry standard. Gelsinger, the CEO, has likened this development to the Centrino moment, a term he coined.

He draws a parallel between the widespread adoption of WiFi after the introduction of Centrino and the potential impact of the AI PC. Just as WiFi became ubiquitous and transformed the PC landscape, Gelsinger believes that the AI PC will usher in a new era of applications and communication.

He envisions a future where Zoom calls can provide real-time transcription, translation, and contextual information, thanks to the AI accelerator integrated into the PC.

This evolution, according to Gelsinger, will be akin to the Darwinian process, propelling the PC industry forward with groundbreaking advancements.


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