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Best for Sale by Owner Websites to List On MLS



Best for Sale by Owner Websites to List On MLS

Best for Sale by Owner Websites to List On MLS: Home prices in the United States of America went up by 17 percent in 2021. Commissions to brokers also skyrocketed and crossed 100 billion USD last year. There have been no changes in these trends even in 2022.

Advanced for Sale by Owner websites are assisting their customers to save several thousands of bucks while selling their houses. The guide covers the best FSBO sites so that you can choose an appropriate one while selling your house.

Well, we are mentioning this website in the beginning for some obvious reasons. It is the best overall FSBO site, according to us. Let us now check out some of its interesting features:

1. Highest possible exposure

List on MLS is syndicated to hundreds of websites, including Trulia, Redfin,, and Zillow. The site also boasts social media sharing tools for nifty. You cannot get such exposure on any other website.

2. Save a lot of money on brokerage

Typically, pay an insignificant small fee on the platform. Thus, you can save thousands of dollars on commission. In case your buyer does not have an agent, you will save the commission for the buyer broker as well.

3. Superior quality customer support

In the United States, home sellers have given Houzeo a rating of 4.9/5 on prominent review websites, such as Trustpilot and Google. So, you know that if you try to contact them, there will be a live human being on the other side of the phone.

4. Quick listing and changes

The website is 100 percent online. Changes are prompt and listing is hassle-free. It means you can concentrate on your sale, which is the most crucial.

5. Most advanced technology

It is the most powerful website on real estate with many advanced yet user-friendly features. Some of these include:

  • Sellers can manage their showing appointments online.
  • Buyers will be able to get in touch with you on directly rather than through a real estate broker.
  • You can manage your list on MLS 100 percent online.
  • You can see the summary of all offers online. It is possible to see and compare several offers. There is also a possibility of countering an offer. When there are multiple offers, a seller can call for the best and highest offers.

You will not find any other low-cost property website offering such user-friendly features simultaneously. You should check out Houzeo reviews for more information.

This is also one of the best FSBO sites and has the distinction of being the largest player in the real estate space in America. Zillow has over 200 million visitors every month. However, Zillow’s FSBO listings have a dismissal success rate because:

  • The leads of buyers are not forwarded to sellers but to member agents.
  • Zillow has a section called “Other Listings” where all FSBO listings are compiled. However, this also makes it tough for potential buyers to check their listings initially.
  • As agents are highly engaged on the platform, sellers may have to attend unnecessary calls.

Also, as part of Zillow FSBO, a property will be listed only on its platform but not on the MLS. It also means sellers may not get the much-needed exposure to agents of the buyers in about 90 percent of the real estate transactions in the United States. It may also mean not getting the best deal for your property. Check out Zillow reviews for more information. provides reasonably priced MLS packages. Its most popular package comes at a price tag of 295 USD. The package offers MLS listings with minimal choices. Its package, which is priced at 395 USD, offers slightly more features as compared to the earlier one and yet is not up to the mark. The website uses outdated technology and most of its processes are manual. Plus, it does not come with a mobile app.

It refers you to a local agent that covers your state/area for getting your home to appear on a list on MLS. As brokers are not online on this platform, there will be no control over the selling experience. The MLS option of this website works and is legit. While compared to other FSBO websites, it fairs reasonably well. Yet, if you compare the site with Houzeo, it offers poor customer service and outdated technology.

It is the oldest FSBO or for sale by owner sites. is available throughout the country and provides a few cost-effective packages. It is better to stay away from their 99.95 USD package. That’s because the package offers hardly any exposure as the listing becomes restricted on the platform. They also have a 399.95 USD package that comes with an MLS listing. The package is better and has some add-on features.’s platform uses manual processes mostly and has outdated technology. They refer the users to local brokers who cover their state/area. They get the homes listed on a local MLS. As agents are not onboarded with, you would not have any control over the selling experience.

Also, they do not have an option for sharing option on social media or mobile apps. There are no add-on options, such as a yard sign, and lockbox but they come at a pre-defined cost. You can save the cost of paying real estate commissions by selling on this platform.

That is the reason why it is on our list of the best FSBO sites. On the flip side, limitations such as poor customer service, and backdated technology mean you need to do many compromises. It is not the case with, our top pick.


The website has about as many as 50 million visitors every month, making it the biggest player in real estate. It is a big classified site where you can get fair home exposure. Lately, there has been a surge in the rivalry between real estate sites. It has made Craiglist lose its earlier popularity in recent times. However, Craiglist is still one of America’s top 20 real estate sites. Listing your house will take only a few minutes in the “For Sale” section of Craiglist. Having said so, the kind of audience the website attracts is low-baller investors.

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