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Best 7 Sites to Buy X Retweets That Do Not Drop



Best 7 Sites to Buy X Retweets That Do Not Drop

One of the key signals that shows X the popularity of your account is the number of retweets. If people are retweeting your posts, it’s a sign of a vote of confidence in what you are doing. However, there are times when X users will not retweet your posts, no matter what you do.

In such a case, one of the options that you should consider is to buy X retweets. Doing so will enhance the reach of your tweets. This will result in the organic growth of your X account. However, for the best results, you only need to buy retweets from reputed sites.

Why You Should Buy Retweets

Here are some excellent reasons to consider buying X retweets:

Get more exposure

If your tweets get retweeted by real people, more X users will see your posts, giving your account more exposure.

Improve engagement

When your tweets get retweeted, you will see an increase in likes, comments, and shares.

Rank organically

When X notices that people are retweeting your posts, it will interpret the signal as a sign of the popularity of your posts. Therefore, the social media site will recommend your posts to other users. This will cause the organic growth of your account.

Top 7 Sites to Buy X Retweets

Here are our top recommendations for great sites where you can buy retweets from real followers:



SocialWick provides genuine retweets from real X users, making it our top choice. The site has a huge network of X users who they use to retweet your posts. When people with active accounts retweet your tweets, you can be assured of more credibility and interactions on your posts. Besides, this also encourages organic growth while making the service risk-free.


  • Retweets from active X users
  • No password needed
  • Fast delivery of retweets
  • Affordable pricing


  • No free trial period

The site delivers the retweets fast, providing results and enhancing credibility. It takes customer satisfaction seriously, responding to customer queries fast. While they have no trial period, they have packages that meet your needs. You can buy ten retweets for $0.16. Check them out at



SubscriberZ is another site that uses a network of Twitter users to deliver retweets from active accounts that bring real engagement to your X account. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about getting into trouble with X.

The site has affordable packages and allows users to customize their packages according to their needs. You can buy 100 retweets for $8.95. Once you order, the site will deliver the retweets within one hour. In case of a problem, they have an excellent customer service team that will be at hand to respond to your questions.


  • Affordable packages
  • Safe and secure
  • 24/7 customer service
  • High-quality retweets


  • The site isn’t user-friendly

The retweets from SubscriberZ don’t drop at all. However, the site still offers a 60-day refill guarantee for peace of mind. To order their packages, you can visit



Another site that can help you achieve your social media goal faster is SocialGreg, as it sells retweets from real followers who will engage with your account. The site has a network of X users worldwide to provide you with genuine retweets. It also has affordable prices that suit X users on a budget.


  • High-quality retweets
  • Safe and confidential
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Free refills guarantee


  • No live chat feature

While SocialGreg has been in the market since 2017 and has sold millions of retweets, it still has thousands of five-star reviews. This is proof of its top-notch services as many previous customers are satisfied with their services. The site also provides users with automatic refills to ensure their retweets don’t drop. You can try out their services at


Another site that delivers X retweets fast is GPC. This ensures that you can begin to see the fruits of your investment fast. The site has excellent customer service that is always at hand to respond to your questions.

Ordering retweets on GPC is easy as it has a user-friendly site. All you need to do is to enter the number of tweets you need and the link to the post you need retweets for. Once you pay, you can sit back and expect the retweets within 24 hours.


  • Fast delivery of retweets
  • User-friendly site
  • Good customer service


  • Retweets made by bots

The retweets from are not from real followers, as they drop after some time. This is an indication that they are left by bot followers.



Growthoid is another site that promises to deliver retweets from real followers quickly. The site offers a wide range of social media services, including X retweets, helping to grow your reach. When you order retweets from Growthoid, you can expect to receive them in a few hours. The site also delivers the retweets gradually to keep your account safe.

Growthoid is completely safe and secure to order from. You don’t need to enter your password to buy retweets. The site also has a wide range of packages to meet different user’s needs. You can pay for the retweets using various methods such as credit/debit cards, PayPal, GooglePay, and Cryptocurrencies.


  • Wide range of payment methods
  • Variety of social media services
  • Fast delivery of retweets


  • Retweets aren’t the best quality

While Growthoid is a popular service for buying X retweets, they have mixed reviews. Therefore, you should be aware of this before ordering.



TopUgrade is a popular site that offers a wide range of social media services. One of these is their instant X retweets, which are meant to help grow your online presence. They recognize that each buyer has different needs. Therefore, they have various packages to meet different user’s needs.

TokUpgrade has a dedicated customer service team that is always at hand to answer your questions. However, compared to the first three sites in our review, their services are a bit more expensive.


  • Diverse service offering
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Customized services


  • Retweets drop after sometime
  • Expensive

While TokUpgrade is known for its various social media services, some online reviews suggest that their retweets drop after some time. Therefore, if you are searching for retweets that do not drop, consider other service providers.



Famoid isn’t as popular as the other sites in our review as they have not been on the market for long. However, we tried buying retweets from them and noted that they deliver. While the quality of their retweets is medium, they deliver relatively fast. The site also has a seamless ordering process; you do not need to enter your password to buy retweets.

Famoid’s customer service is average. When we tried messaging them, they responded after 36 hours. This isn’t really bad, but they would have done better.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast delivery
  • No password needed


  • Retweets made by bots

FAQs on Best Sites to Buy X retweets

Some of the questions we regularly get on buying X retweets are:

Does buying retweets really work?

Yes. As long as you buy from reputable sites such as SocialWick that sell high-quality retweets, that will bring engagement to your posts.

Where can I buy X retweets cheap?

For the most affordable prices on X retweets, we recommend SocialGreg.

Where can I buy X retweets?

While there are many sites you can buy retweets from, we recommend SocialWick as they sell high-quality retweets that won’t cause the flagging of your account.

How do I get X retweets fast?

The easiest way to increase the number of retweets you get is by buying from reputable sites such as SubscriberZ.

Final Thoughts

One of the key decisions you will need to make when buying X retweets is where to buy. If you buy from spam sites, this will cause more harm than good to your X account. In fact, your account might end up getting suspended.

But if you buy from the top sites that work by promoting your retweets to people in your niche, you will see organic growth due to increased engagement. If you are wondering which sites are those, we recommend SocialWick, SubscriberZ, and SocialGreg. These sites sell high-quality retweets from real people and not bots.

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