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Browns Playoff Cheerleader Myles Garrett Delivers a Sobering Moment — Jimmy Watkins



Browns Playoff Cheerleader Myles Garrett Delivers a Sobering Moment -- Jimmy Watkins

(CTN News) – Myles Garrett witnessed the embrace of the fans and heard their cheers echoing his name. The taste of victory permeated the Cleveland Browns stadium, presenting an opportunity for him to revel in the triumph alongside his teammates.

However, despite the Browns securing a playoff spot with a resounding 37-20 victory over the Jets, Myles Garrett’s thoughts wandered elsewhere.

He found himself consumed by grief, his family, and the recent loss of his uncle. On what should have been the most joyous night of Cleveland’s season, their prominent star experienced anguish.

Garrett’s uncle, Chris Johnson, passed away on Christmas night, and the Myles Garrett news reached him the following morning. Since then, the star pass rusher of Cleveland has been plagued by headaches and a lack of concentration.

In his own words, he expressed his struggle to cope emotionally, stating that it manifests itself in various forms of pain. He admitted feeling as though he is in a fog at times.

During this time of year, the fog hangs heavily for individuals in Myles Garrett’s position. While the fortunate revel in the company of their loved ones, those who have suffered loss mourn the absence of cherished moments shared with their departed relatives.

We are often reminded to cherish every memory created, as we never know how many more we will have.

However, it is challenging to heed this advice, as thoughts of death and grief are unwelcome, particularly during the holiday season.

Garrett’s eyes lacked joy after a victorious game, and he avoided eye contact with the press. He struggled between pursuing a playoff spot and finding peace amidst tragedy.

When asked about the playoffs, he admitted to having a lot on his mind and dealing with unresolved matters. He thought about his uncle C.J., who passed away, and recalled receiving devastating news from his brother.

Despite wanting to support his mother, he chose to play the game and help his teammates achieve their goal. The Browns’ resilience throughout the season added fulfillment to their playoff-clinching victory.

However, Myles Garrett remained preoccupied with his grief and felt the need to explain his situation.


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