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Design Nuances that Make One Game Outperform Another



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The gaming industry is a multibillion-dollar industry that never stops evolving. The games were initially simple, but they have become more real and complex. The game design developers aim to create a stellar product that can meet its purpose most realistically and entertainingly. Games are usually meant for entertainment, education, exercising, or even gambling, and each of these types of games requires serious attention to detail. The most common types of games include:

  • Video Games
  • Slots & Casino Games
  • War Games
  • Role-Playing Games
  • Simulation Games

The process of game development begins with the design process. It is usually a rigorous process that involves a team of committed individuals who create and manage the technical and artistic elements of the final game. There has been a lot of focus on the game design since it greatly determines whether the game will perform or not.

There are many elements of game design, which include the mechanics, gameplay, and player experience:

  1. The mechanics determine the game’s running.
  2. The gameplay determines how the gamer interacts with the mechanics.
  3. The player experience, on the other hand, focuses on the user experience – how the gamers feel while playing the game.

All of these elements must be fantastic for a game to be successful.

What are the design nuances that make one game outperform another? All the issues will be a result of a mishap in one or more of the three key elements stated above. Let’s take an in-depth look:


As aforementioned, game design focuses broadly on the technical and the artistic aspects of the game. The latter is perhaps the most considerable nuance that can make one game outperform another. The appearance of the game first attracts players before they proceed to play. The designers have to select the theme and the little details in the appearance, which can make a significant difference.

The variation in looks is particularly evident in the development of slot games. These games are not very different in terms of mechanics and gameplay, so the appearance is a big deal. On the other hand, slots with popular themes like 777 games usually get a good reception from the punters because of the visual appeal. Of course, the design has to be fantastic, but the buck stops with the execution since even the most brilliant designs will be useless if done mediocrely.

Rule Development Issues

There are specific elements that define any kind of game, and the rules are among the most prominent. However, most games are usually not entirely new; they are a variation of a pre-existing one. Hence, the design has to achieve a perfect balance between keeping the old rules and changing some elements to add a touch of uniqueness.

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Gamers usually have specific game preferences, so changing the rules too much could be the reason why one game outperforms another. However, leaving things without tweaking them a little would beat the essence of creating a new game. The designers have to recognize and leave the essential untouchable rules and play around with the rest. Such a nuance could be so significant in how the players perceive the game.

Strategy vs. Luck

This is another balance that could make one game outperform another. There are different kinds of games, and they can be easily categorized as either luck-based or skill-based games. The traditional gamers were quite satisfied with a completely luck-based game, but the modern gamers seem to be less accommodating. Luck-based games can be fun, but they easily become monotonous in the long run. What is the solution?

The developers are gradually finding a way of combining luck and strategy into modern games. This has been the most effective approach that has worked in games like slots. It ensures that the game is not too hard for the lovers of luck-based games and not too easy for modern gamers. This balance, or lack thereof, is another difference that could make a game perform another.

Plot & Gameplay

The plot is the designer’s haven since it is an area that can accommodate a lot of creativity and innovation with positive results. Even the sequel of a previous game can have a different plot or storyline and remain intriguing. The designers must be intuitive enough to develop an amazing plot that can communicate perfectly with the use of mechanics.

The narratives should be realistic since they are the reason why the players care about the game. The narrative and how they unfold using mechanics greatly determine the success of a game.

Ease of Gaming

This is a design nuance that significantly determines whether a game can keep its players or not. A good game should have simple rules and mechanics that the players will understand after just a few rounds. Hence, the change of rules should not be too drastic. Most table games, for instance, have existed for centuries because of the ease of playing them and the retention of the basic structure.

Secondly, the game should not be too hard to play or advance. If gamers find it too hard early on, they are likely to fall off and give up. Therefore, the game should develop a balance between the challenge it offers and its ease and smoothness. Most games allow players to choose their skill level, which could be Amateur, Intermediate, or Expert. However, each of these levels should offer a good challenge for the players.

This becomes a pertinent issue in the design of gambling games since the general rule is that the house always wins. Hence, the developers have to keep this in mind and ensure that the math will favour the casino eventually. Nevertheless, the player must also win an adequate number of times regardless of the house edge.

These are the simple design nuances that can make one game outperform another. They are simple elements that should be emphasized for the best results. Players pay very close attention to them, so the designers have all the reasons to do the same.

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