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If Buying CBD Products locally Isn’t safe, What’s the Alternative?



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These are some of the questions that new users and even experienced users of CBD products sometimes have and which they often try to find out about. Medical experts and practitioners too often receive these questions, which they address to the best of their abilities and knowledge.

Given the popularity of CBD in addressing pain related issues and helping people fight anxiety, stress, and depression many companies have started manufacturing CBD based products and their variations to capitalize on the market demand for CBD products.

Today, not only can one buy CBD Oil and capsules, but CBD is also available in the form of oil tinctures, creams, and even edibles with all of them promising the same results. One can now also buy smoothies, cakes, and even biscuits being made from CBD, due to its ability to easily mix with other ingredients while still retaining its healing properties.

This popularity of CBD is, unfortunately, the prime reason many companies have started manufacturing fake products induced by its quick sales and high margins. These companies also do not have to spend heavily on research and development of CBD products, which is one of the main expenses of the companies that produce CBD products.

What they instead do is create a similar looking product, using locally sourced and not high quality ingredients which are not at all suitable for use. Saving money on R&D costs and not creating original products helps them save costs, due to which they can price their products cheaper than the original brands and products.

The difference in pricing and features is what adds to the confusion in the customer’s mind on CBD products, due to which they are not able to select the product that is best suitable for them.

How authentic are the CBD products sold locally?

Since CBD based products are a new product category and something which not people are completely aware of it becomes difficult to check the authenticity of the CBD used in the particular product and whether it is safe to use, just by looking at it. This task becomes especially more difficult when CBD is purchased in a cream, edible, or capsule format.

Due to the popularity and rising demand of CBD based products across the world, there have even been instances where either the CBD used is fake or the quality of CBD used in the product is not up to the standards specified by the authorities. Some companies also do not infuse the actual amount of CBD they have listed on the packaging.

Less than half the samples purchased and tested for the research were found to have the actual amount of CBD mentioned on them. What this results in is half the health benefits for the full price of the product.

Apart from the cost implications and non-usability of the fake or lesser quantity product, what is alarming is the fact that these products can cause the user more harm than good since users would not be getting the required dosage of CBD suitable for them.

Given this scenario, it is fair to conclude that buying locally made CBD products is not safe and should be avoided.

The primary reasons behind locally produced CBD products not being safe

Producing CBD is a very costly and time consuming process due to the different processes involved in growing hemp plants and then extracting the CBD from them. Apart from ensuring the high quality of the plants, the hemp farmer also needs to ensure that he follows all the guidelines issued by the authorities for harvesting the plant.

The manufacturers too have to follow very strict quality guidelines that are issued by the association. All these processes are not easy to follow for small, local producers due to which they may skip on some of the processes or even use low quality hemp plants which are cheaper.

The result, a cheaper product that will not perform as well as it is advertised to be and may even be fatal in some cases.

People buying such products may face side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and even drowsiness, which they could falsely attribute to the usage of CBD and its products, leading to them eventually discontinuing the use of CBD products, which could be beneficial to them for many health related issues.

How does one address the problem?

Being better aware about CBD, how it is made and what are the points one should look out for are some of the ways we can address the problem of fake CBD products, with the other being not relying on local products but buying products from reputed manufacturers who have been certified by the Hemp Growers Association.

As a part of being better informed about CBD products, one of the key things you need to know is about the different types of CBD available in the market. CBD is usually used in two different forms, for the production of CBD based products.

Which are the two different forms of CBD?

CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum CBD are the forms of CBD available in the market which are suitable for consumption and good to use in different product variants. Individuals may prefer either of them based on their tastes and preferences.\


  • CBD Isolate


They are the purest form of CBD, with the key difference being that it does not contain any THC, which is usually associated with the psychotic effects that one experiences on using cannabis products.

It is a good form of CBD that is usually preferred by people looking for the health benefits of CBD without experiencing any side effects.

CBD isolates are normally 99.99% pure and extracted by the manufacturers using different processes that extract all the other compounds and leave behind only CBD isolates in crystal form.


  • Full Spectrum CBD


This is a CBD version that includes the majority of the compounds present in the CBD plant, making it more effective and useful in curing different ailments and getting relief from pain.

The THC content in full-spectrum products is negligible enough to not cause any adverse side effects.Products with full-spectrum CBD are preferred by people since it has the full range of compounds extracted from the hemp plant, which is medically more useful.

How does one verify the originality of the product?

Buying CBD products only from reputed brands and suppliers is a good way to identify and use only genuine CBD products and avoid products that may have been made locally.

Apart from these, the factors that you should look out for to ensure the goodness of the product are;

Lab Tested

The CBD edibles should always be third-part lab tested so that you can be sure it is an original product and has been extracted using hygienic methods. This is for the surety of the quality of the CBD and to ensure that you don’t face any adverse reactions while using it.

Lab tests usually also include details of the source of the CBD, so that you can easily verify the same. If you are looking for a 100% vegan product that has been prepared using only organic ingredients, then you can also verify the same by checking the lap report.

Hard to believe offers and highly discounted prices

This is one of the key indicators of the products being made locally, as companies involved in the genuine production of CBD products will never be able to offer huge discounts or hard to believe offers on their products

All the certified companies involved in the growing of hemp and the manufacturing of CBD products are governed by CBD and Hemp producers associations, who ensure that fair business and marketing practices are followed by all its members, to not disrupt the market.

Unrealistic medical claims

Local CBD manufacturers may also make unrealistic claims about their CBD products and claim positive results within hours, while the truth is the effects of CBD only begin to show gradually and may take days or even weeks to be noticeable.

So you can rest assured that anyone making false promises about their products is not selling the genuine thing or not using good quality hemp in the production of his CBD products.

Unable to verify the brand or authenticity of the product

If the CBD product you are planning to buy has a very vague name or its origins cannot be traced, then you should take adequate care before buying such a product, as it may not be what it claims to be.

CBD Companies that manufacture high quality CBD based products ensure that they have all their certifications in place and easily accessible by the people so that people can check its authenticity and also know more about the ingredients that have been used to make the product.


There are a lot of studies and research being conducted on the effectiveness of CBD products and how it can help effectively combat many ailments while at the same time provide much needed relief from pain, and also aid the sleeping process.

But for CBD to be effective it needs to be purchased from a source you trust as only genuine ingredients can have a positive impact on your healing process. Buying a local CBD product may not give you the benefits you have bought it for and thereby delay your healing process considerably.

Ensure you take adequate precautions and the steps mentioned in this article, so that the CBD you use is of good quality, since buying CBD locally is not safe.

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