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How to vote in the New Jersey Primary Election 2024: FAQs

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How to vote in the New Jersey Primary Election 2024 FAQs

New Jersey Primary Election 2024 – This year’s spring primary season is receiving increased attention nationwide. This is mostly due to the highly competitive contests on both sides of the aisle for the chance to compete for the United States Senate.

The process has gained attention since Sen. Bob Menendez’s indictment last fall. With the election just four months away, residents should prepare to vote.

You can vote in New Jersey’s primary if you declare a party at the polls

New Jersey has a semi-closed primary, which means that while a voter must declare a party to vote in the primary, an unaffiliated voter can do so at the polls.

According to the state Division of Elections, an unaffiliated voter can vote in a primary election for either the Democratic or Republican Parties by voting in person during the early voting period or on Election Day.

If an unaffiliated voter casts an in-person vote in the Democratic or Republican Party primary election, the voter will become associated with that political party going forward.

A voter can alter their party affiliation by filling out, signing, and returning a form to the municipal clerk or county commissioner of registration. Voter registration applications and the online voter registration tool also function as forms for changing political party allegiance.

What are the deadlines for changing parties? How do I register to vote?

This year’s voter registration date is May 14, while the deadline to change parties is April 10.

Unlike the weeklong option in the fall, early in-person voting is only available from May 29 to June 2 at specified early voting locations throughout each county.

Unaffiliated voters who wish to vote by mail must first declare their party affiliation to either the county commissioner of registration or the municipal clerk before receiving a ballot. To receive a mail-in ballot, complete and return the affiliation declaration form by May 28 or 3 p.m. on June 3.

Vote-by-mail ballots will be given out beginning April 20. The primary will be placed on June 4. That is the deadline for postmarking vote-by-mail ballots, submitting them by drop box, or delivering them to the county Board of Elections.

Vote-by-mail ballots postmarked by June 4 are valid if they arrive by June 10.

After voting, a voter who wishes to unaffiliate should follow the change of affiliation procedures.

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