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Donald Trump Gives Away the Game With January 6 Confession in New Recording

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Donald Trump Gives Away the Game With January 6 Confession in New Recording

(CTN News) – Two months after the rebellion occurred, Donald Trump’s true feelings about it were captured in an interview that was recently made public. The ex-president asserted, in his own words, that he could have put an end to the incident.

Donald Trump responded with a simple “would have” when asked by ABC chief Washington reporter Jonathan Karl whether he would have returned to the Capitol Building during the raid by hundreds of MAGA fans.

Trump stated, “I was going to,” on the recording, which CNN initially published. After the Secret Service told me ‘you can’t,’ by the time I got around to it… During the problem, I considered going back in time to fix it myself. The concept was not well-received by the Secret Service.

“And I could have done that,” Trump went on to say. “And guess what? People would have welcomed me with open arms. Remember, those individuals traveled to Washington that day, in my view, because they believed the election was manipulated. They went for that reason.

More than a thousand witnesses, including former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, testified at House committee hearings on January 6. This scenario, in which Trump wished to compassionately utilize his power to quell the disturbance, contradicts this cozy story.

When Donald Trump was “irate” and intended to join the Capitol demonstrators, he allegedly lunged at Secret Service agent Bobby Engel’s collarbone and tried to take control of the presidential limo, The Beast, according to Hutchinson.

Additionally, Hutchinson stated that she overheard Donald Trump stating that he was indifferent to the possibility of his followers brandishing guns during their march on Congress, reasoning that he did not anticipate being personally targeted by the violence.

On the same morning, Trump apparently voiced his displeasure that his Secret Service was used metal-detecting magnetometers to exclude armed individuals from the area designated for his address.

Somewhat related to the phrase “I don’t fucking care that they have weapons,” I overheard the president saying. No one is out to get me. Remove the fucking magazines. Welcome, my people! From here they can march all the way to the Capitol. “Remove the f—ing mags and let the people in,” she commanded.

Donald Trump strongly refuted those claims.

According to testimony presented before the committee on January 6, Donald Trump allegedly offered his assistance when he overheard rioters calling for the vice president to “hang Mike Pence” rather than carry out his constitutional duty of certifying Joe Biden’s presidency.

Trump “lit that fire,” the committee’s 814-page final report said, by providing the impetus for the deadly raid in the weeks leading up to the rebellion.

In connection with his activities on January 6, 2021, Trump is facing four criminal counts.

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