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Women in Japan Join Naked Festival for the First Time in 1250 Years

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Women Naked Festival Japan

On Thursday women formally participated in Hadaka Matsuri, also known as the Naked Festival at a shrine in central Japan for the first time in the event’s 1,250-year history, donning purple robes and chanting enthusiastically while carrying a big bamboo trunk as an offering.

Seven groups of women participated in the rite, which is meant to chase away evil spirits and involves praying for happiness. Despite the name, people participating are not naked.

Many women donned “Happi Coats” (robes that reach the hips) and shorts, which are commonly worn at Japanese festivals, while males wore loincloths similar to those used by sumo wrestlers.

“I heard that women could participate, so I definitely wanted to take part to help bring excitement to this town and festival,” said Emi Tachibana, 59, a civil servant.

Naruhito Tsunoda, a priest at the shrine, stated that there had never been a ban on women participating, and several have previously offered minor offerings as individuals. When a women’s group asked if they may join last year, responding ‘yes’ was simple.

“I believe that the most essential thing is to have a fun festival for everyone. “I believe God would be pleased as well,” he added.

The women did not participate in the festival’s primary event, which involves a big group of males fighting together to drive away evil spirits. Tsunoda stated that it would be difficult to open up that section of the festival to women owing to the physical component.

Japan’s government announced last year that it would work to increase women’s engagement in society, following an annual report that revealed the country was struggling to close the gender gap.

Women Naked Festival Japan

Japan’s Hadaka Matsuri “Naked Festival”

In Japan, the Hadaka Matsuri, commonly known as the Naked Festival, is a centuries-old cultural celebration. Participants in this one-of-a-kind celebration dress simply, usually wearing a fundoshi loincloth, and engage in a variety of rites and activities.

The Hadaka Matsuri has nearly a thousand years of history, with roots in Japanese folklore and religious activities.

The celebration is frequently associated with purification ceremonies and prayers for a plentiful harvest, prosperity, and good fortune. The participants believe that discarding their garments represents the removal of impurities and the rebirth of spiritual vigour.

During the Naked Festival, people engage in a number of rituals that differ based on the event and region. Processions, petitions to local deities, and physical challenges that test participants’ stamina and resilience are examples of such activities.

Participants accept traditions passed down through generations, creating an energetic and exciting atmosphere.

Women Naked Festival Japan

In recent years, the Naked Festival has undergone some modernization to reflect shifting society standards and beliefs. While the essential rituals and practices remain unchanged, efforts have been taken to ensure inclusivity and diversity at the event.

Women, for example, have begun to participate in specific Naked Festivals, indicating a substantial shift in tradition while preserving the core of the ancient practices.

For both locals and visitors, witnessing or participating in Japan’s Naked Festival provides a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable cultural experience. The festival’s lively energy, elaborate traditions, and historical significance create an alluring ambiance that draws visitors from all over the world.

Participating in this practice allows individuals to obtain a better understanding of Japan’s rich cultural past and the continuing spirit of its people. The Naked Festival in Japan shows the country’s diverse cultural fabric and the lasting legacy of historical rituals.

The event, with its unique blend of tradition, spirituality, and community, provides a glimpse into Japan’s history while commemorating the ideals that continue to shape its present.

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