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Woman Shot in a Fit of Road Rage By Two Men on a Motorcycle



Woman Shot in a Fit of Road Rage By Two Men on a Motorcycle

A woman in northeastern Thailand was shot and injured while eating in front of her house in Khong district of Nakhon Ratchasima on Thursday night. The stray bullet came from two men motorcycle firing shots at her son-in-law’s pickup truck over road rage.

Nakhon Ratchasima police identified the victim as 58 year-old Lonlada Thanitsawong, she was hit in the leg and rushed to a local government hospital.

Her son-in-law, Mr Pongsathorn Khiewklang, told Nakhon Ratchasima police that while he was driving his pickup truck to his mother-in-law’s house two men on a motorcycle followed him. They were shouting claims he had cut in front of their motorbike. He paid them no attention which enraged them both.

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Mr Pongsathorn said the two men on the motorcycle followed him all the way to his mother-in-laws’s house, where she and other family members were enjoying a barbecue in front yard.

The men on the motorcycle following him had stopped about 150 metres past the house. He saw one of the men take something from under the seat and point it in his direction. He and everyone else heard the sound of a gunshot.

Suddenly his mother-in-law screamed in pain as she was hit in the right leg by the bullet.

The two men fled on their motorcycle.

Police from the local police station said after questioning local witnesses they believed that the shooter had been a man recently released from jail. He had just finishing a sentenced for weapons offences and violations.

Police said they were examining CCTV video from cameras in the area and would track down the shooter and his accomplice on the motorcycle.

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