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Woman Finds Newborn Baby Dumped in Roadside Wast Bin



Woman Finds Newborn Baby Dumped in Roadside Wast Bin

A newborn baby girl a few hours old has been found alive after being abandoned inside a roadside disposal bin in Central Thailand.

Mrs. Somboon Cheunthip, 62, was visiting the market with her daughter when she noticed a large plastic bag moving on the corner of a road next to a blue plastic bin in central Thailand’s Ayutthaya province.

She initially thought a puppy was trapped inside as she the cry of a baby coming from the moving bag. When she unwrapped the plastic garbage bag, she was shocked to discover a baby girl, with an umbilical cord still attached.

Mrs. Somboon told Thai Media “It was around 4 in the morning when I found the newborn baby girl. She was kept in a two-layered plastic bag that was tightly tied. “She could have suffocated. I was only there at that time to go to the market early. It was so lucky I noticed the poor child in time.

“I carried the baby to the nearest hospital and reported it to the police. I also want to know that she’s healthy and being taken care of.”

Newborn baby girl in healthy condition

The doctors said the newborn baby girl is in healthy condition and is currently being monitored at the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit.

Police are looking through CCTV surveillance cameras and searching hospital records to track down the child’s mother.

A police spokesperson said “investigators are searching records at the hospitals in the neighborhood where the newborn girl was abandoned. They will search for the mother’s identity through a list of pregnant women in the area.

Police believe it is possible that a teenage girl with an unwanted pregnancy might have given birth to the child early in the morning, but she had no desire to take care of the newborn girl so she abandoned her.

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