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Vue vs React battle

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Vue vs React

It is almost impossible to imagine the development of web products without JavaScript. This programming language has a few frameworks. React and Vue.js are the most popular and widely used ones. Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. Due to this fact developers frequently hesitate between these two options. To define the winner in the Vue vs React battle let’s get a closer look into these frameworks.

What you should know about Vue.js

To put it simply, Vue.js serves as a basis for the development of high-quality products. It represents a set of ready-made modules that are used for solving the most common tasks. They may include immediate search facilities, navigation menus, etc.

If you hire vue developers you will get specialists that create the interface of the website, online store, web application or online services that the user interacts with. As you understand, it is the first thing customers pay attention to when they visit a web page.

Being a progressive framework, Vue.js is used for the development of single-page apps, web and mobile apps. This framework is used by such world-known giants as Xiaomi, Behance, and Alibaba.

The advantages of Vue.js

1. Memory-efficiency

Vue.js weighs just a few kilobytes. It can be easily installed in one zip file. Then the developer can get down to business.

2. Two-way binding

Vue has another benefit known as two-way data binding. Thanks to this feature it becomes much easier to update related components and keep track of data updates in general. It makes the platform a perfect means for applications with real-time updates. In terms of development, this reactive nature can simplify and speed up data updates.

3. Easy to master

You don’t have to be an experienced developer to master Vue.js. All you need to know is the basics of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Well, if you know such code editors as Visual Studio or Atom, you will easily learn Vue.

It is a good argument in favor of a framework, especially today when companies usually set strict deadlines.

Since this framework is so easy to master even experienced developers can easily cope with various projects with different architectures and requirements.

Flexibility is a great quality in any profession, and developers can also benefit a lot from it.

4. Documentation

The documentation of Vue.js is divided into separate blogs that are comfortable to work with. It includes the guidance, API, recommendations, examples, basic tools and libraries. What’s more, the members of the Vue community are friendly and always ready to help. You can subscribe to the Twitter-accounts of some leading Vue.js developers to get some valuable advice from them.

5. Readability

Vue.js represents a set of components for the development of web products. Such architecture allows the reuse of the components if needed, reduced testing and debugging time, and improved readability.

This feature simplifies the maintenance of the application and eliminates unnecessary guesswork when debugging.

What should you know about React?

React is a powerful JavaScript tool for developing user interfaces. It is of pivotal importance because UI is the first thing Internet users pay attention to. Like Vue.js, the React framework has a range of valuable advantages. The understanding of them will help you decide on the best tool exactly for your purposes. So, here we go!

1. High performance

The main aim of any project is to build a top-quality product in the shortest possible time. Virtual document object model is memory efficient. What’s more, it updates quickly. This fact increases the performance of the application. Virtual DOM enables immediate reactions from the server for solving needed tasks.

2. Reusable components

The work with the React lies in developing reusable components. It means that you can use the interface elements in other parts of the code or even other projects without changing them.

What’s more, ReactJS developers get access to the libraries with ready-made elements and open source code.

3. Downstream data flow

Another strong side of the React framework is that it offers a one-way data flow. This feature is also known as parent-to-child data flow.

In the mobile app built with the help of React all information is passed between the components only in one way.

4. Browser tools

ReactJS can boast of many beneficial development tools. They include Firefox and Chrome. The developers can make use of their widgets for free.

Drawing the line

As you can see, Vue and React are great tools for building mobile apps. The performance of these frameworks is almost at the same level. React is a better option in terms of scalability and a larger community. On the other hand, Vue has better documentation. All in all, both these frameworks are enough for building great applications with sophisticated functionality. As a business owner make sure you have found a professional development team. In such a way you can trust chosen specialists and don’t think about the framework they are working with. If you haven’t hired professional developers yet, visit Remember that team is the main determinant of your future success.


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