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UK Imposes Sanctions on Russia for Forced Deportation of Ukrainian Children: Latest Updates



UK Imposes Sanctions on Russia for Forced Deportation of Ukrainian Children Latest Updates

(CTN News) – The United Kingdom has taken a strong stance against Russia’s alleged forced deportation of Ukrainian children to Russian-controlled territory. In response to these actions, the UK government has announced a series of sanctions targeting individuals involved in this controversial practice.

The move comes as part of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, with the UK aiming to hold Russia accountable for what it deems as an attempt to destroy Ukrainian national identity.

UK Government Announces Sanctions Against Moscow

Britain’s Foreign Minister, James Cleverly, unveiled a set of 14 sanctions against Russia during his speech at the UN Security Council session on the war in Ukraine. The sanctions specifically target individuals allegedly involved in the forced deportation of Ukrainian children. By imposing these sanctions, the UK seeks to strongly condemn Russia’s actions and send a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated.

Targeted Individuals and Their Alleged Involvement

Among the individuals sanctioned by the UK are Russia’s Education Minister, Sergey Kravtsov, and the Commissioner for Children’s Rights in the Moscow Region, Ksenia Mishonova. The UK accuses them of playing significant roles in Russia’s calculated program of deportation, which aims to eradicate Ukrainian cultural and national identity. These individuals are believed to have contributed to the forced transfer of over 19,000 Ukrainian children to Russia or temporarily Russian-controlled territories.

Russia’s Attempt to Erase Ukrainian Cultural and National Identity

The UK government asserts that the forced deportation of Ukrainian children by Russian authorities is part of a deliberate and insidious plan to erase Ukrainian cultural and national identity. According to their statement, the deported children are often sent to re-education camps where they are subjected to a curriculum emphasizing Russian-centric academic, cultural, patriotic, and military education. The UK views this as a systematic attempt by Russia to undermine and extinguish Ukraine’s distinct identity.

The Plight of Ukrainian Children in Re-Education Camps

The deported Ukrainian children face numerous challenges in the re-education camps. Removed from their families and communities, they are exposed to an environment that seeks to mold their perspectives and loyalties towards Russia. The UK expresses concerns over the well-being and future of these children, who are subjected to an education system that may erode their ties to Ukraine and promote a Russian-centric worldview.

Foreign Minister Condemns Putin’s Intentions

Foreign Minister James Cleverly strongly criticizes Russian President Vladimir Putin’s intentions behind the forced deportation program. Cleverly claims that Putin aims to obliterate Ukraine from the map and eradicate its national identity. By imposing sanctions, the UK intends to hold accountable those who support Putin’s regime and those who seek to destroy Ukraine and its future.

Additional Sanctions on Individuals Involved in Propaganda

In addition to the sanctions related to forced deportation, the UK has also imposed sanctions on individuals who spread abhorrent propaganda designed to incite violence and hatred towards Ukraine and its people. Among those targeted is Anton Krasovsky, a former presenter for Russia Today, accused of disseminating inflammatory content. Russian Culture Minister Olga Lyubimova is also included for allegedly using her position to support policies that harm Ukraine.

London’s Continued Efforts to Hold Russia Accountable

The UK’s decision to impose these sanctions reflects its commitment, along with international partners, to hold Russia accountable for its actions since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. By imposing sanctions on over 1,600 individuals and entities, the UK aims to exert pressure on Russia and demonstrate its resolve to support Ukraine and preserving its national identity.


The UK government’s announcement of sanctions against Russia for the forced deportation of Ukrainian children highlights its strong condemnation of Russia’s actions and determination to protect Ukrainian national identity.

By targeting key individuals involved in the deportation program and spreading propaganda, the UK seeks to hold them accountable for their alleged role in undermining Ukraine’s cultural and national heritage. These measures serve as a reminder that the international community will not tolerate actions to erase a nation’s identity and future.

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