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Twitter (X) Is Still Down In Pakistan For The 7th Day, And VPN Access Is Also Restricted

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Twitter (X) Is Still Down In Pakistan For The 7th Day, And VPN Access Is Also Restricted

(CTN News) – Pakistanis have been unable to access X, the popular social media platform formerly known as Twitter, for the past seven days.

There have been countless users left frustrated and without access to a vital tool for sharing information due to the blackout, which began last Saturday.

A country that relies heavily on Twitter social media for communication and information dissemination, the outage has had significant repercussions. The platform’s users have been left in the dark, unable to access the platform’s services.

The silence of the authorities only adds to the frustration. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and the government have not provided any explanation for the outage despite repeated inquiries and demands for clarification.

As a result of the lack of transparency, speculation and uncertainty have been fueled among the affected users.

As a result of the situation, there have also been concerns raised regarding the right to freely access social media platforms. Similarly to many other countries, Pakistani citizens have the right to use social media as a means of expression and communication.

It is against these principles and the country’s regulations regarding freedom of speech and access to information that Twitter X has been unavailable for a prolonged period of time.

It has even reached the judicial sphere, with the Sindh High Court stepping in to resolve the matter. A court order directed the PTA to take immediate action in an effort to resolve the issue. The problem persists despite these directives, and users are unable to access Twitter X.

In Pakistan, the failure to resolve the Twitter outage is indicative of broader concerns regarding internet freedom and government censorship.

The report emphasizes the need for greater transparency from the authorities as well as the importance of protecting the rights of citizens to access information and express themselves freely online.

With the blackout continuing unabated, Pakistanis await answers and hope for a swift resolution to restore their access to Twitter X and maintain their right to use social media without restrictions. In the meantime, the silence emanating from the authorities speaks volumes about the challenges facing internet freedom in the country.


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