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Top Best 5 Tips for your Website to Secure Top Position on Google

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Top Best 5 Tips for your Website to Secure Top Position on Google

Getting your website to the top position on Google is the top priority for every business that wants to flourish in the online spectrum. Only 0.78% of people click on the 2nd page of Google’s search results, making it extremely tough for businesses to rank on top of SERP.

While most businesses find a ranking on Google much of a hassle, some are doing it with ease. Wondering how? Well, before we delve into that, let us first understand why businesses fail to rank on top of Google’s SERP:

4 Reasons Why Businesses Fail to Rank on Google

Indexing Failure:

There are instances when Google fails to index new brand websites to show up in the search results. To check it, type “site:” without using “www” or “/.” If your site does not get displayed on the top of SERP, you need to index it.

Low Mobile-Friendliness

More than 50% of Google searches every day are made using a mobile device, which is why if your site is not responsive, you will suffer the repercussions in the form of low rankings.

Inappropriate Meta Tags and Description

Meta tags and descriptions are essential for search engines to understand your site’s content fully. If you add inappropriate content in meta descriptions and tags, you cannot rank high in search rankings as Google will not understand what your site is all about.

Low-Quality Website Content and Optimization

Content is the king, and no matter how robust your website looks on the outside, to rank high, you must post high-quality content. Not optimizing it with images, keywords, titles, and videos can also drop your search rankings big-time.

5 Tips to Secure Top Position Google

Build as many legit links as possible

Success in the online spectrum does not merely come with how you present yourself. Instead, it has more to do with what others speak about you. By others, we mean reputed websites, not the mediocre ones or ones with low DA. Links are essential to rank higher on Google’s SERP.

Google’s algorithm values the number of sites that you link back to. You can also build links internally by adding links to your website’s relevant posts from your content. So, prioritize link building.

SSL security is paramount

SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificate is an essential step to reach high search rankings.  Google has already acknowledged the need for SSL security by marking the non-SSL sites as insecure.

SSL comes with a plethora of benefits such as:

Encrypts the data and information being shared between the server and the client.

Moving websites from HTTP to HTTPS.

Verify the user’s identity, such as the owner’s name, company name, and address for the customers.

Creating a secure network passage for the information to flow without an interception through public, private, and session keys.

When we talk about SSL certificates, it depends upon a number of domains. However, if you own multiple website subdomains under one primary domain, merely a simple SSL certificate will not do the job.  For that, you would need to install a Wildcard SSL Certificate.

Wildcard SSL is designed to protect multiple subdomains and a primary domain with an equal emphasis on security. It provides a single dashboard to operate multiple website subdomains. Wildcard SSL comes with more robust security features as well.

Cost is another factor that makes the wildcard SSL stand out. You can buy a single wildcard SSL instead of multiple regular SSLs with less overall costs. So, install an SSL certificate today to get high rankings on Google.

Skyscraper content is the key.

Content creation has an immense role to play in improving search engine rankings. Quality content creation adds value to customer’s experience and improves the website’s credibility and reputation.

However, to reach on top of Google’s SERP, you have to be street smart. Since so many businesses are fighting for a single spot, you have to show something extraordinary. And that is where skyscraper content comes in. Skyscraper content pieces are detailed guides having 2000-5000 words of content that answer all possible questions of the readers. Not only that, but it also provides them detailed practical solutions to problems. You must focus on creating such type of content to rank high.

Create a versatile website

Website responsiveness is essential for Google to index it. Google’s crawlers now weigh websites based on their responsiveness to mobile users. Any website that gets ranked on the top of SERP in 2021 has a robust UX/UI design that is adaptable to any device, be it laptop, palmtop, mobile or iPad.

However, creating a versatile website does not mean you have to decorate it by using costly templates. Google does not care how your website looks until its users can derive the maximum value from their respective devices.

CTR is important

CTR or Click-through rate determines how many people are clicking on your website after viewing it in their SERP. For example, if 100 people view your website in their SERP and only 50 clicks through, your CTR rate is 50%. However, it is difficult to achieve a 50% CTR due to the high competition.

So, how do you improve your CTR then? Well, here are a few steps:

Apply schema markups in your content—things like How-to, Why, Things to consider and What, etc.

Integrate primary keyword in your title tag as well as meta description.

Use high-quality images and videos to back your content.

To Conclude

Ranking on Google is not an easy victory. You have to come with your strategies and frame your website accordingly. Tools like SSL certificate and Google Webmaster makes your journey more manageable as they help you comply with Google’s search engine crawlers and algorithm.

You must focus on creating high-quality content, market it, and back it with facts, images, and figures along with these tools. If you follow these five tips appropriately, questions like “how to get a website on Google’s first page” will not ever bother you. So, align your website according to these steps and create a robust website today.


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