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Megaways Becomes a New Craze Moment for Online Game Play



Megaways Becomes a New Craze Moment for Online Game Play

Megaways is the new craze of the moment, when it comes to innovative slot games to play. It has captured the attention of many, due to the technological edge it has. The reason why Megaways Slots are extremely popular is because they offer far more ways to win that traditional slot game out there.

To continue attracting gaming traffic and interest, providers have realised that the key to capturing the world’s interest continually, is by developing the games up a notch further, when they can. All slot games that are not Megaways nowadays, will be competing against Megaways, so we have Big Time Gaming to thank for that, as they are the software developers that came up with the initiative in the first place.

Within this article, we will give you the exact lowdown, as to why you should focus on dedicating your time to try Megaways slots. Each one has their own quirks and can promise you some super entertaining fun.

In fact, it is possible that once you begin gaming on these, there is a likelihood that you will not view slot games in the same way again ever. So, we are warning you in advance here…

What are Megaway slots?

Megaway Slots have their name because they are a slot game that presents to you the player, multiple options of winning. In fact, they can give you up to a million ways of winning per round of gaming that you commit to. Traditional slot games will usually offer from 20 paylines to 50, meaning you can see now where the attraction for Megaways actually comes from. We were not just making it up!

The first ever game to hit the casinos was the Big Time Gaming Fruit Bonanza. That game features up to 117,649 ways to win, and it was the first game to hit the mainstream and actually reach out as something huge and special within the gambling community.

So much has developed since this game was released. So many more gaming developers have applied for their licenses and right to create games under the Megaways set up, with gaming pioneers such as NetEnt and Red Tiger Gaming, putting in the hours to create titles that are worth your gaming and time.

Why are they becoming super popular?

Megaways slots are becoming super popular because they have so much potential behind them. With more than 100,000 ways to win each time you play, you feel as a player that you are actually about to get lucky. The suspense that builds each time you play the games too is pretty much exceptional.

Megaways slots always keep you busy, which is the beauty of the game. There are many features which you can tuck right into, meaning you won’t bore of the games anytime soon, and the fact that they are pretty new, is what keeps players coming. There are always more titles just around the corner to be released.

Advantages of Megaways slots

We have already listed so many positives already, however let’s get into the pros of the game series, more specifically. First and foremost, your winning possibilities are pretty much huge. Meaning your fate can just blow up all of a sudden and you go from a loser to a winner in the spaces of a few seconds.

Megaways are super unpredictable, which is what players like about it. The games feed your adrenaline and most definitely keep you on your toes. What more could you ask for in terms of entertainment?

The game features bonus options within them, such as the cascading reels. This feature in itself is responsible for making many players actually land a bigger win than they were expecting. It is quite rare to land this feature, but players usually know that when this feature appears, something great is just around the corner!

Usually the cascading reels feature is responsible for triggering the larger reels, meaning you can optimise your winning combinations across a larger scale essentially.

When did anybody ever say no to landing some larger wins from a slot game? The answer is of course, never. With Megaways, some of the biggest games actually give payouts of around 120,000 coins, so if you are wagering with a good amount, you will come to see a large payout should follow, soon after.

Should you opt for Megaways titles?

The answer is of course! You will find that Megaways will always be worth playing as it can be super intriguing and entertaining for any player out there to explore, with the many titles that get released each month. A great title for you to check out is Megaways Gonzo’s Quest. After such a success from the regular slot version, Red Tiger Gaming pounced at the opportunity to create the sequel to the first release.




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