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How to Choose the Best Daycare or Preschool for Your Child

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Happy childhood memories become a reliable support in the life of an adult – this is the slogan of Little Scholars Daycare. The teacher here is a co-researcher, co-author, observer, whose main task is to see children’s interests and needs and build lessons on their basis, offering relevant topics, materials, and tools for their cognition.

The task of an adult is to help a child express his, of course, valuable ideas about the world.

This daycare preschool is cosy and safe. Children stay in a spacious and warm detached building where delicious food is cooked for them, and they are always busy with business. The kindergarten space is organized in such a way that it is possible to create and experiment and have a wide variety of sensory experiences.

Healthy and varied food is prepared by a team of chefs who use high-tech equipment. And most importantly, if necessary, each parent can bring home-cooked food for the baby.

How to Choose the Best Daycare-Preschool for Your Child

Why is Little Scholars Daycare special?

The peculiarity of the children’s centre Little Scholars Daycare is that children will be developed here according to the best new methods. After all, children of the XXI century are completely different, so they need new approaches to the development of their talents and their formation as individuals. You can view more at this link.

In preschool in Brooklyn, everything is for children and about them. Here real friendly relations are formed between children and teachers. Communication with the youngest will be like with adults, just younger. It is necessary to teach children to be successful, independent and to instil in their resistance to irritants in adult life. Here they will walk in any weather, spend time outdoors. Now children are different, so they need a different modern approach.

Here in a daycare near Brooklyn, special attention is paid to the development of:

  • social skills, with the help of role-playing games, theatrical performances, educators help to form a position in life, they teach friendship, communication, respect .;
  • everyday household skills, they teach children to dress independently, eat, make beds, clean up toys;
  • intellectual abilities, they develop fine motor skills, thinking, attention, concentration and memory, they work with a speech therapist, learn to read, write;
  • creative abilities, a lot of attention is paid to drawing, modelling, origami.

Educators always maintain close contact with parents in order to better understand the characteristics of the baby and help him quickly adapt to a new situation for him. For the period of adaptation, it is possible to visit the daycare preschool part-time. Children are surrounded by attention and care, educators tactfully involve the baby in the life of the group.


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