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Robert Kraft’s; Tom Brady, The Patriots, And Elton John Attend Robert Kraft’s Wedding



Tom Brady, The Patriots, And Elton John Attend Robert Kraft's Wedding

(CTN News) – The New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft married Dr. Dana Blumberg on Friday night at Hall des Lumières in Manhattan, where 250 guests attended, including Patriots royalty and stars.

The wedding was attended by long time friends Jon Bon Jovi and Kenny Chesney, as well as Elton John, Ed Sheeran and Meek Mill, who all performed at the wedding.

There were a number of former Patriots players in attendance, including quarterback Tom Brady.

There were also Drew Bledsoe, Randy Moss, Andre Tippett, Vince Wilfork, Richard Seymour, Ty Law, Jerod Mayo, and Troy Brown in attendance.

Also present were Patriots players Devin McCourty, Matthew Slater, and David Andrews who are currently playing for the Patriots.

A picture of Bledsoe was shared on Instagram, along with the message: “Great night celebrating RKK & Dana in the company of old friends.”

Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, and Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA, attended the wedding.

As reported by Page Six, Robert Kraft and Blumberg invited guests to a party called “Kickoff and a Touchdown.” They told them to dress casually, but did not specify why they were throwing the party.

There was a 10-minute video shown to the crowd before Robert Kraft, 81, and Blumberg, 47, were introduced as husband and wife by the voice of longtime television broadcaster Al Michaels, in which the pair were introduced as husband and wife for the first time.


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