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The Importance of Brand Building



brand building

Brand building is an art—that’s the reality of it. You are creating an identity, a whole new “person” that is unique. Your brand has personality, values, principles, likes, and dislikes. To build a brand is to build a complete identity that can resonate with people.

Brand building is important for a variety of reasons, but in this article, we will cover the two most important ones.

Importance of brand building

Brand building seems like it’s about your company, but it is not. It is about your customers, present and future. To understand your customers is to build an effective brand. In short, it is all about psychology: understanding people and how their minds work.

With that in mind, the two most important things about brand building are about customers: first is attracting new customers, second is turning a one-time customer into a lifetime one.

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#1: Attracting customers

If your brand is to attract a particular customer, it has to appeal to him. It must share something in common with the customer, or represent something that customer finds good, desirable, or respectable. Something that the customer can get behind and support wholeheartedly.

Because you want to attract as wide a customer base as possible, you have to think about a magic mirror that, when the person looks at it, they will see a reflection of something that represents something they want in their life. Your brand is not ever-changing, but somewhat all-encompassing—that’s the ideal scenario.

Think of Adidas, for example. It resonates with people who like fashion because they represent fashion, cool shoes. It also appeals to people who like sports because their shoes are, essentially, for that purpose. It can also appeal to people who care about the environment for their many sustainability programs.

So they see something they want: cool shoes. Adidas is cool, young, etc. That’s one aspect of their brand. Or they want good sports shoes because they do this or that sport—that’s another aspect. And finally, they would choose Adidas over other brands because they know Adidas cares about the environment.

All of these are valid traits for a brand, and all of these have the potential to attract customers. In the same way, you need to create a brand with traits that appeal to customers. However, that might be.

In a world full of millions of the same product, people buy the brand, not the product. That’s the reality of it. You need to set your brand apart; people will always have a reason to buy a certain product, you have to give them a reason to buy your product.

#2: Keeping customers

“If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.” – Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO

Probably the most difficult feat is keeping a client coming again and again. You may think that this is done through creating the best possible product or having the best customer service ever. Wrong: it is through your brand identity that you ensure that the client keeps coming.

That’s done by creating a brand with values that the client can align themselves with. Nobody wants to give their money to a company that’s well known for exploiting their employees, for example. But if they treat their employees kindly, that’s something clients can support.

The best example is all the environmental initiatives. Since around the 90s, everyone is aware of how big manufacturers and companies have practices that are completely devastating for the environment. This, of course, doesn’t transfer to all companies and it statistically won’t apply to yours—but this narrative of business=bad has unfortunately been popularized to the point that many people think that all businesses are bad for the environment.

By adopting a brand identity that cares for the environment, whether it’s all rhetoric or actual programs are put in place, you instantly set yourself apart. Protecting the planet and the environment are values that any client can get behind.

The same goes on a smaller scale. Companies that make it a point to conduct their business solely in America, and make a big deal of their “Made in America” labels are resonating with people that care about the economy of their country, as well as with people that don’t support low wage warehouses overseas. It’s a win-win.


Brand building is at the core of your success, and to build an effective brand you need to be very clear on what its purpose is. Attracting customers, and then keeping those customers: those are the two main things that your brand identity needs to do.

Once that is clear, we’re sure you’ll be on your way to creating an identity that can effectively resonate with people, therefore guaranteeing your brand’s success.


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