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Pi Day 2022 Mathematicians and Bakers Keen to Celebrate



Mathematicians and Bakeries Unite to Celebrate Pi Day 2022

Pi Day 2022: What do mathematicians, bakeries, and pizzas have in common? A love for march 14th, Albert Einstein’s birthday, and Pi Day. Pi represents a circle’s circumference to its diameter, one of the most important numbers ever.

Even though Pi is typically rounded up to 3.14, it can go on forever. The most accurate value of Pi (62,831,853,071,796) according to Guinness World Records is more than 62 trillion digits. The value was calculated by the University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland in August.

You get pie if you don’t like math. Apple pie. Pie with apples. Pizzeria pie. Pies everywhere.

No matter how you calculate it or eat it, Pi (and pie) brings joy to many. Find out how.

The story of Pi

According to the Exploratorium, a San Francisco-based museum, Pi has been around for 4,000 years, when ancient Babylonians calculated the area of a circle by taking three times the radius.

According to, a website created to encourage STEM learning, the first algorithmic calculation of Pi was made by the Greek mathematician Archimedes.

Invented in 1706 by mathematician William Jones, the Pi symbol wasn’t popularized until 1737 by the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler. explains the Pi symbol comes from the Greek word, perimetros, which means “circumference.”

When was Pi Day first celebrated?

Larry Shaw, who connected March 14 with 3.14, celebrated the first Pi Day with fruit pies and tea at the Exploratorium in 1988. Shaw used to lead Pi Day parades there every year until his death in 2017, according to the museum.

National Pi Day was declared by the House of Representatives in 2009.

Pi is greater than March 14

Science considers the date significant. Albert Einstein was born on this date in 1879. As part of its Pi Day activities, the Exploratorium celebrated Einstein’s life after Shaw’s daughter, Sara, realized the coincidence.

Stephen Hawking, a renowned theoretical physicist who passed away last year, was also born on this day.

Why are there so many pizzas and pies on Pi Day?

There was a “pie feast” at the Exploratorium in honor of Pi Day’s first celebration, and people have been enjoying slices ever since.

Due to the fact that pizza is often referred to as pie, our Pi Day menu is expanded.

Because of this, many pizza chains and other businesses offer Pi Day deals consisting mostly of pizza or pies.

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