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The FCC Bans AI-Generated Robocalls As Deepfake Concerns Grow

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The FCC Bans AI-Generated Robocalls As Deepfake Concerns Grow

(CTN News) – Using artificial intelligence-generated deep fakes in robocalls has been declared illegal by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the agency announced Thursday. As of November 2018, the FCC had begun studying illegal robocalls utilizing generative artificial intelligence.

A cease and desist order was issued by the Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday to Lingo Telecom LLC, which is accused of being responsible for an infamous AI-generated audio deepfake intended to sound like the voice of U.S. Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

It was reported last month that a robocall mimicking the voice of Biden was sent to voters in New Hampshire, telling them not to vote in the state’s primary.

Our organization is pleased to take part in this effort to protect consumers from AI-generated robocalls by sending a cease-and-desist letter to the company located in Texas.

In recent years, these types of calls have increased as this technology now provides consumers with false information by imitating the voices of celebrities, political candidates, and close family members, according to the FCC.

A fine has been issued by the FCC against groups that create robocalls in the past under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The Federal Communications Commission found Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman liable for $5 million for making 1,141 robocalls prior to the 2020 elections, according to NBC News. According to the agency, 33,333 calls pitching auto warranty sales resulted in a $299,997,000 fine in August of last year.

The FCC issues a new rule that prohibits the use of artificial intelligence to recreate voices for scam or fraud campaigns, even though policymakers have issued cease and desist orders to individuals and organizations that create robocalls for these purposes.

In order to combat robocalls, the FCC has partnered with the attorney generals of 48 states.

It has been reported that bad actors have been using AI-based voices to extort vulnerable family members, imitate celebrities, and misinform voters via unsolicited robocalls,” FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel stated in a statement. The fraudsters behind these robocalls are being warned.

As a result, state Attorneys General will now have new tools at their disposal to crack down on these scams, and to help protect the public from fraud and misinformation.”


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